It seems that the polar opposites still lingers within the African-American Community. By now, most of us probably saying that there is no love for Paula Deen, while on the other hand, a 19 year old woman who was the last person to know Trayvon Martin before his unexpected death, is doing the thing that most folks don’t do: TELL THE TRUTH and snitch.

First: Paula Deen. It seems that the linger of the N-Word gets to a boiling point. Now it’s going to the dogs. Devil dogs. As an African-American Male, there was a time that I got called n*gga alot. But strangely, this firing squad on Paula Deen is more like a witch hunt than a firing squad. Many of folks who probably were like Paula Deen kind of had similar stances of joking around with racial slurs. Admit it black folks, we do it also. Look at the way we were raised. We probably had folks who done the exact same thing, but won’t admit the faults that the predecessors were to blame also. Or yes, the society we live in has to be like “oh you have to fit in in order to make it.” I think and believe what Paula Deen did, or said was harsh, was unacceptable, and has no business whatsoever displayed. Yes, she is a good cook in the eyes of those who buy or market her stuff, but all that can be taken away IF a harsh turn of reality can sink in. Now I know this a hard question, but who has the right to say the N-Word? Who has the right to express the N-Word like painting the town red? Who in the living right has that authority to use that word in a sense without having a joke to say without harm? I have an uncle who once told me that back in the earlier days around the 1970’s in the Milwaukee area, there was a time that it was OK to call the black employees n*ggers. I kid you not. Nowadays, you get called that on the job, that might get you fired, suspended or transferred out of the district. Or let’s just say fired. What happened with Paula Deen, is a prime example of what could happen if things get out of line. No matter how successful, appreciative, or valuable your time, talent and skills are. Plus also, did Julia Childs ever used any racial overtones while cooking on TV? Just asking! And I’m surprised about this? No. Have I heard about this similar? Yes.  This is just another lesson to be learned for US. But who’s going to listen? And it better be the black community! Yes for a while, the folks of the slavemasters owned the N-Word, and the black folks are supposed to bury it. Um…..why keep exhuming the dead?

In speaking of that: Rachel Jeantel. We’ve been watching the Trayvon Martin Murder Trial. And yes, George Zimmerman is still on trial. Why? For those who like Social Media, let’s have a reminder that he committed murder. Not that “walk Scot free self-defense” mess. Mostly we have never heard of this chick, but again she’s being blasted negatively on Social Media. She is only 19 years old. A young black woman. Yes, I was paying attention to her as she gave her side of the story. One thing that I kind of pointed about is asking why did she had to lie about not going to Trayvon’s funeral? OK, I get it. She was in a weakened state of shock. But I have to say, yes: TELL THE TRUTH! – Which was my reaction on twitter.

And unlike those who went ballistic on Social Media against Rachel, she was literally attacked by those who just want to see a punchline. Mainly coming from those who are YES: black. It’s a shame at times that despite of the creations that black folks did in history, we still have to tear down each other all because of hair, all because of what she had to say, and how to say it. All because she is 19 and can’t read script writing. That’s cursive by the way. All because it’s literally a complete mess coming from US! Make that GHETTO! It’s just like Gabby Douglas last year when she won the Gold Medal and folks on Twitter had to comment about her hair. REALLY, BLACK PEOPLE?!! This kid at 16 did something that most of us didn’t do when we were her age. ADMIT IT! What Rachel Jeantel, is doing on that witness stand, and even though that she’s has the tone in which most can relate, she is telling her side of the story in which happened to Trayvon Martin. And she’s a key witness. So I don’t know what the hate against her has to do with all this mess.I think that’s what it is: HATE. Yet again, black folks, heed the words of Kevin Hart: “You gonna learn today!” Just imagine if the tables were to be turned on you if someone you don’t who is the same color/gender and have no support of you based on your game to the table!

It just sickens me, as a single black male that is occurring in the 21st Century, in 2013. Matter of fact, I’m not really surprised.  I think what I’m assuming the most about Rachel is no different from those who are facing the same EXACT problem! Either they didn’t learn to read at a young age, or maybe it’s a disorder. To lash out at Rachel was nothing more in comparison, a criminal act of disrespect. I don’t care how famous (see Lolo Jones), dedicated, educated, has a wealthy business, or hard working. But if you have a disrespectful attitude towards others who grew up in a different environment than you, then well: there is something wrong. And it’s not them. It’s the person or individuals who has issues!


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