Father’s Day came and went, but this card really sparked a controversal conversation.

Posted: June 17, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, Life, Local, Milwaukee African American Commentary
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Hope everyone had a chance to wish their Fathers, a productive Father’s Day. Even if you are a single mother holding it down to the fullest. Now, check this, I’m in Walgreens in Wauwatosa, which is a suburb of Milwaukee, and I happen to find a Father’s Day card for my father. What I also see is a Father’s Day for Mothers. WHAT!!!!! as the folks say now. I see the ranting/venting of this on Facebook, and both positive and negative about who should fit the role of father. Mostly it’s has been negative coming from Single Mothers who harshly reject the use of Father, because they feel that title should be given on the male side of things. But according to a historical thing, the controversial story really broke out in 2011 all because of the disdain of the use of “father” in today’s society of the 21st Century.

Father's Day Card for Mothers

I want to know, what is all the disdain about single mothers can’t play the role the father? And folks on social media getting mad at this? Especially Facebook. Now yes we know hardly that father’s aren’t around when it comes to children, or teens or adults. I get it. There have been female  folks from my family and some of my friends who are single parents and hold it down. They do the both roles well. And to top it off, the mentions about real fathers come to mind. For those who are wondering, yes I was raised in a two parent household. – A mother and father. And my immediate family is basically nuclear: 2 parents, and 2 children. Not to brag or boast, but it is the truth. And the ideal of Father’s Day should not be overlooked. Period. When Mother’s Day came and went on the second sunday in May, most of us got our sunday clothes on and showed up big time in church or at a Mother’s Day outing for our mothers. No question about it. However when Father’s Day comes, not as measurable as Mother’s Day. Now granted, Father’s Day is celebrated. But with all the negative hype with the issues, it makes it more harder to celebrate and appreciate the value that they put in each time. Technically father’s day should just be appreciated as mother’s day.

Now I know that when the card came out with the “For you Mom on Father’s Day” that really set some folks off. And since I was in Walgreens, it was in the Mahogany section of the Hallmark Cards. The Mahogany Hallmark Cards have that close connection with the African-American Culture. You know how MSNBC has “The Grio?’ And yes they do sell during birthdays, funerals, appreciation, just any other card you see regularly. Even Christmas!  Plus the issue of single parenting in today’s era has become the norm sort of speak.  And even though that the role of father has been legendary, other men like uncles, male mentors, foster fathers, male cousins (older), and even community minded folks like me who don’t have children yes that day was for us as well. Even at times like me who didn’t expect it, but it’s good to be appreciative by those who overlook children when the parents are away or have to go behind the scenes for important matters. Remember the “Collective Responsibility” montage from Melissa Harris-Perry? Same thing here!

So with that being said, and I know it’s late: Happy Father’s Day to all those dads, grandfathers, uncles, male cousins, male mentors, single fathers, community fathers, and single mothers who have to hold the fort day by day (yes, it has to be said) that day was for us!

Bonus: take a look at a video of what Roland Martin said on Father’s Day. Yes, he and his wife doesn’t have any kids. BUT they are raising their nieces in their household. It was on the subject: “Thank God For Daddy.”


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