It’s been ready. Much ready. But here it is. Another tour of me looking at empty buildings around Black Milwaukee. And no, I’m not advocating Dollar Trees in Bronzeville. Why, more on that later. But as usual, I highlighted more buildings around the areas in which have been empty or unused for years. So, here we go:

Along North Avenue towards uptown, there are these empty buildings that probably used as shops previously. However, I wouldn’t be suprised if the North Avenue or Lisbon Avenue residents turn one of these buildings into mini-shops or matter of fact, turn one of these units into Community Centers, or a mini version of offices that can help the residents to find jobs. Or just to add, the Milwaukee Police Department, District 3 is in this area could use this as a mini station to extend their police work or their community advocacy nearby. Or matter of fact, make it a tutoring center for children.

Nearby Appleton and Hampton Avenue in Milwaukee, this builidng has been unused. It used to be I think, a restarant per say. And the look on the building was likely closed due to fire. I would assume that the busineses around in the area would use the building for meaningful organizations. Now instead of a restaurant, convert it to a dining hall for a church. Or turn it into a tax office like a HR Block or a private business that can help those publically. Or since a  WE Engeries Powerstation  is near by, I think WE Energies should convert that building to a neighborhood office for customers to come in and pay their bills, or check this, at one time, Milwaukee used to have a building called the “Energy House”. Convert that into a new Energy House since a Power-station is nearby.

Now I know what you’re thinking. This is a school. What should go here? Now your first comment might be a school. Which is a thought. This used to be the Garfield Avenue School, which was part of the Milwaukee Public Schools System. Plus also this building, was established since the late 1800’s. This was one of the oldest Elementary Schools in the city. But since the building has been closed for a couple of years, this has been a new idea that this should be given a new opportunity in the Bronzeville District to convert it into a African American Community Center. It’s perfect. Right in Bronzeville. Even though it’s a former school building, but it has a gym, auditorium, lunch room, etc. And the classrooms I think should be training rooms for voting, health concerns, jobs, and many others. The library should be converted as usual. Put a internet cafe in there. Just saying. And also, north of the building is the old Black Holocaust Museum that Dr.  James Cameron founded years ago. But it was closed in 2008 because of lack of funding. It also was closed when the Fonzie statue was unveiled with the reunion cast of Happy Days. Reference WNOV. I think the two buildings should be one in terms of one big African American Community Center. The Holocaust Museum should be resurrected as a Museum as it once before, along with the school building next door. Just think about, black Milwaukee!

Now this building, by the looks of it, used to be Oriental Related. I’ve seen businesses like this in the Black Community. But since this is in the Bronzeville District, I think this building could be an add on for the Black Holocaust Museum and the old Garfield School Building. Turn it into a mini-country club, meaningful mind you! Or make it a Cafe for the Milwaukee Urban League, which is west of the building. If the African American Community Center is made with the old Garfield School, and if the Holocaust Museum comes back regularly, have those two building, plus this building pictured, make it a “Milwaukee Bronzeville Complex”, or a “Milwaukee African American Bronzeville Complex”. All I’m saying is make it a complex that can be cultural and meaningful! Not just for a grand opening and grand closing!

In this also, I want to comment about this Dollar Tree idea in Bronzeville. Now word on the street, the area where the Dollar Tree is, was that supposed to be a homegrown grocery store? The plan was to have a MLK Supercenter which was supposed to be built on the corner of North Avenue and MLK Drive. That’s near the Wisconsin DNR Building, a Subway, a Playmakers sportswear store, and a building that is unoccupied.

Recently there was a community meeting about the proposed Dollar Tree that was not pleasing. If the city residents want a homegrown store, that is HOMEGROWN, then why not have that? Frankly, a Dollar Tree in Milwaukee’s Bronzeville to me, sounds tacky. I mean really? I mean I’ve seen Dollar Trees in strip malls around Milwaukee. Not hating on that. But come on CITY OF MILWAUKEE! Give the folks what they want!

Now for those of outside of Milwaukee, yes at one time, the original Bronzeville was once a section of Milwaukee that was catered to African-Americans in related to business and residence. For more info about the history, check out this link

Plus also, for those who are unaware, there is a petition going out online. Feel free to view it.


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