Back in the day, when you interrupted someone while speaking, that is a sign of disrespect. Or in this case, if it was in a respectable place, you might either get warned or thrown out. What recently happened with First Lady Michelle Obama, in being heckled is nothing more a disrespect. If we are all caught up, she was speaking at a private fundraiser in which a a representative heckled her. That representative was a Gay Rights Advocate, Ellen Sturtz of GetEQUAL. Her heckling was in regarding the President to sign an executive order to prevent anti-discrimination.

Now let’s review, what did Michelle Obama say?

One thing about that, you just don’t cross the line. Now yes, the Obama are cool with Same-Sex Couples getting married and the whole nine. I dig it. And they dig it also. But I think what the heckler did was not the time nor the place to do it. Michelle Obama was at the fundraiser to talk about Children and the effects of Gun Violence. We know that the President was heckled previously, but he went on a softer approach with his commentary of Free Speech. But the FLOTUS, different story. Which was demonstrated in the video. Now there is notion about Michelle Obama being this or being noted as the “angry black woman” thing. However she wasn’t angry in which her personal stance was with the disciplinary stance. Yes the heckler was escorted out of the place of the fundraiser and yes was confronted by the FLOTUS and to let the person know as those in attendance that she wasn’t going to take that notion from anyone. No matter who was in attendance. But she did her thing and finished the presentation in which she was intended to deliver.




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