I haven’t done this in a while, but guess what Wisconsin? I Told You So.

Today is the one year anniversary in which most of us thought we took the state back. Oh really? Did we? Did we really took the state back in a manner of being besmirched by the waves of the Tea Party? Not this Wisconsinite. If those don’t’ remember, this was the anniversary in which most in Wisconsin thought that having Scott Walker to retain the seat in Madison is a good idea to cash on the voters who wanted him removed in the recall. Today would have been that day that I would have been saying Governor Tom Barrett. But Barrett is still Mayor in Milwaukee. Speaking of that, this is the same Walker who thought “cared” about Milwaukee. The comment that Walker used that “We don’t want to be like Milwaukee” is nothing more than a racist-like  rant. Don’t forget this is the same Scott Walker that enforced Act 10, derailed a High Speed Rail Project that would have linked Milwaukee and Madison to jobs, all care about the highways, and the education/medicare funds were slashed up the yin yang. Oh, just today and leading to today, Wisconsin has reached at 44 when it comes to jobs. Ranked also 49 when it comes to Economic Outlook. The Governor who prides being a college dropout with a Letterman Jacket from High School doesn’t have the 250,000 private sector jobs locked in. If the High Speed Rail would have been a boom in terms of jobs, some of that would have been added. Or did I mentioned that the Bail Bonds Idea would be getting to the Badger State? And its not because of the jobs. It’s really about money to tell the truth. Speaking of money, that connection with Koch Brothers is really stupid.

CALLOUT: So I dare to ask: Is Wisconsin is really OPEN FOR BUSINESS?

Just today also, as I was listening to WNOV this morning, there was a talk about the use and possession of Marijuana in Wisconsin. In terms of blacks getting arrested. As I was listening to The Forum, by the way it’s still being broadcasted by Sherwin Hughes. He noted about the arrests that of blacks in Wisconsin have a higher rate of getting busted with pot. Here’s a shocker: Waukesha, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, had arrested blacks 12 times more than the rate of whites. Also: For Brown County, the same Brown County where Green Bay is, according to the article: “blacks were arrested for marijuana possession at more than seven times the rate of whites in 2010, compared with 6.5 times in Dane County and 4.7 times in Milwaukee County.” Now what does that have to do with an on going thing with the recall, or hating an transportation like High Speed Rail? Remember when I said a couple of blogs ago, that some who voted big for Walker, as they were watching the trains being built in Milwaukee, I’ll bet that there are some who probably living in the Red Counties had comments like “I don’t want to see those folks around here!” Don’t lie! And majority of the folks probably building the trains were multi-ethnic. Specifically Black near 27th and Townsend. Many of us in the Milwaukee Area (the African American Community, mind you) emphasized on that subject via WNOV in a different light. Not that same light that Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna, or Mark Belling don’t tell you, nor won’t care about.  Now forget about that so-called boondoggles, or “It’s a waste of Government Spending”, or “It’s too expensive.” Or my personal favorite “No one will ever ride it.” So for those who say No one will ride the train, that’s a lame excuse of not trying to find something to new to move from one point to another. We preach about this everyday. ESPECIALLY ON THE 4th of JULY, about freedom and equality.  Many of us can’t be equal passing through Jefferson County or any other county that has a notion of negativity of blacks or ideas in trying to get the state back to the number one spot. Wisconsin is only 6% when it comes the African-American Population. Many of those who think or touch the subject, it’s all smoke and mirrors. But when you add new forms of segregation into the mix, it’s no comparison. Such as trying to redistrict the voting areas trying to make it harder for those to vote. But that backfired didn’t it? Many in Milwaukee did came out and voted up for President Obama at a rate of 87%, slightly higher from 2008 at 80%.

Now if those who came out for President Obama, why weren’t enough VOTERS to come out for ripping Walker out of Madison in terms of recalling him? Here are some responses like “Oh, many didn’t care or didn’t like the recall….” If you don’t vote, you don’t count! Plus also, I don’t understand if you are a union guy or a union gal, and if you were part of the 30 or 40% that VOTED for Walker, there is something wrong. Did I fail to mention that most of collective bargaining were stripped of those who work as Teacher or non-rescue person? And it all fed to the Firefighters and Police Officers mostly. Overall, I have alot of respect of those who put their lives on the line locally. But for deciding to back Walker, after the B.S. he’s pulled, really?! It’s no surprise to Milwaukee in which he almost went postal as County Executive for 8 years.

Red to Blue Badgers

Now the Democrats in Wisconsin didn’t celebrate the so-called June 5th Victory, but realizing that when you are ranked 44 in Jobs in the entire country, there is nothing to celebrate about period. And yes the Democrats in Wisconsin currently have low energy in taming the new beast of the Republican Party in Badger State. Recently, the Badger Blue Squad launched a campaign style devotion called “Red to Blue Badgers.” This will be a collective effort in which the party would go to the counties that were deeply red, and lecture to those why Walker is bad news. If the Democrats had tried that before the recall per say, Walker would NOT be in Madison right now. And part of the low energy of the Democrats, that they don’t have a contender to face Walker in 2014, yet. Some are saying Peter Barca, or Chris Larson, or Mahlon Mitchell. But whoever it is, better have a solid base of getting at Walker at all fronts. This time there cant be no let downs for anything, if YOU are a hardcore Wisconsin Democrat.


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