Take a look at this commercial from Cheerios. The “Just Checking” commercial that had the interracial family in it. I’m sure we’ve all seen it.

I looked at the Gawker website and this surge of hate of this commercial is downright bananas. I know that it’s the year of 2013, and the racial stuff is dead and buried? Not exactly. Some folks probably don’t know that racism has been around since the beginning of time. Not the 1950’s! It was around probably when the first man was starting. And has been since. The folks who probably hated on this commercial were just haters. All because seeing a white wife, a mixed child and a black father lying on the couch and waking up with cheerios on his shirt. And the folks are mad at that? Really?!

I ask again, where is the post-racial America again? And no, you can’t blame President Barack Obama on this one. I think those who expressed this so-called barrage of haterism online, probably their parents, grandparents, relatives that always hated folks of color, or maybe it’s that new gang like the KKK that has been hating folks of color ever since.They say that America is over this? We got a long way to go.

As for Cheerios, they are NOT taking this ad down sooner than those think. So to think: Cheerios – 1 , Racist (who like to post stuff online behind the Computers in between the porn sites persay) – A Big Fat ZERO!


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