Just to think that the OWN network was just dreading, here comes Tyler Perry.

Posted: May 30, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Entertainment, TV
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I think the next time we’ll see the OWN network, we might see some reruns of Dr. Phil or classics from the Oprah Winfrey Show, or yes Oprah’s Next Chapter. However those of the shows we know. But the loud bang that came from the OWN network, actually has something to do with Tyler Perry. Matter of fact, like him or not, this week everybody NOW wants to talk Tyler Perry and his shows that debuted on OWN. One of them : The Haves and the Have Nots. If you were one of the 1.7 million folks who tuned in on your Cable/Satellite/or AT&T U-Verse systems this past Tuesday, you have seen a birth or in this case a rebirth of Tuesday night Drama TV. Tyler Perry’s Haves and Have Not Show was indeed on fire!

I will say that usually I would be gearing up for Scandal or Deception, but I think the show itself is like a gateway of intermission for the Summer Season. For the actors and actresses, two of them are from the 80’s: John Schneider who we all should know as Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard plays Jon Cryer a leading judge of his estate. Peter Parros, now for you newbie folks, yes he played Dr. Ben..BUT he was known as “street avenger” or RC3 from the final season of Knight Rider. – He was the first leading African-American actor from the show that had Michael Knight doing Turbo Boosts and Super Pursuit Mode fast modes in a Trans AM. Us folks who grew up in the 80’s: we know. And better know. Finally the actress Tiki Sumpter. (Ok, 80’s babies you can clap now). But seriously and with all due respect, she’s got moxie in her talent for quite sometime now. Her lead role as Candice is along with the character angle of Jon Cryer is most likely a leading role in which that might be the climax. Some are asking: what is a Climax? For those who are younger, and didn’t grew up in the 80’s or 90’s there was a lesson in class about the five parts of a story: First is the Introduction. Second is the rising action. The middle is the climax which is the peak of the story. Fourth is the falling action and finally the last piece of the puzzle is the conclusion. Learn it young bucks! And those who may forgotten after many years away from the school.

So technically, The Haves and the Have Nots is going to get more interesting IF the support continues. And I have to say something about Tyler Perry and this so-called Buffoonery that has been circulating around. Technically I don’t get it. How come is it that when we someone who is doing a service of success, and is a BLACK MALE, this mess of hate has to spread, like he’s no good? Some saying that he’s no good. His Madea thing is setting black folks back 70 years, and a whole lot of junk that most folks, that doesn’t seem to understand. Like my last blog, remember when I mentioned that African-Americans had to work twice as hard, in sense with working with Caucasian folks? For him Tyler is working hard. All those Madea stuff and Alex Cross Movies is paying off. Having his own (I repeat HIS OWN) studios in Atlanta to make his films, plays and yes having folks around him that enjoy working! And yes, having the opportunity to team up with Oprah Winfrey with her network to get his shows to form. Just to think that the OWN network was just dreading, here comes Tyler Perry to add his spin of entertainment to flow. I’ll bet those who are saying he took the black community back 70 years, and all of this so-called buffoonery crap are just trolls. Look at Spike Lee. Seriously – he made some negative references about Tyler Perry’s work about dressing up as a old school lady. And other references like the Meet the Browns shows. Technically, he might called it buffoonery, others might call it art. And even though Spike Lee’s art and Tyler Perry’s art are very different angles, but hey, there is one thing in common: they both have something to present and say. Tyler Perry is no Spike Lee. And we know  what the vice-versa is: Spike Lee is no Tyler Perry.

And I’ll say this: at least Tyler is still working his angle and those support him will support. And those that don’t, need to stop trolling and get a life. Work at McDonald’s. Or matter of fact: OWN your OWN Business and hire folks that want to work!

In other words stay in your lane!


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