Like many Americans, we want a better job. A better career. Yours truly is part of that pact in which that the current job is not going well for pay sense or not enough days in, but it has to change for the better. Why I am bringing this up? I feel it’s time for me to come out and to tell my recent experiences and also some issues I feel that companies should be doing.

First in regarding my recent experience: I have a secret to bear. I am looking for new work. Better work to go and rekindle and sharpen my skills and be more productive in this “new monster” of a workforce. The keywords are “New and Monster”. On several occasions, I have applied for positions with the US Government, the city of Milwaukee and also had a run in with a local hospital in Milwaukee in which my resume was disrespected in a “sensitive feely” sense. First, I have been applying for the jobs via the USAJOBS website for their availability and the results came back in which the jobs aren’t available in which the sequester is in session. Then came a local job fair at WCTC.  Oh let me tell you, it started out a pleasant experience in Pewaukee until I got to the Froedert Hospital table. My experience was not pleasant in a discouraging sense. All because of my resume that was splattered. But the representative, whom I will call “Gail S” delivered that in a sense of fear and also having the notion about the competition of companies that are buying stock for new employment. And recently, I applied for the City of Milwaukee for a job called Management Trainee. I had all the right credentials except one thing: My Bachelor’s Degree was not within the 2 year rule. Meaning you have to graduate in the past 2 years given in order to get the job and examination. I filed an appeal with the city in which I felt that those who have more years after their degree should be able to apply as well. On May 28th, I met with the City Board Services and the review was discussed and yes I did say what I had to say. In the end, the board said no to my appeal.

I have ask and if you are a CEO, or a President, or a street version of a business leader. I am really stumped about your job postings. And it’s complicated. And I hate to hold some accountability. Personally, you have alot of folks who have Bachelor’s, Masters, Doctorates and all that are HUNGRY FOR OPPORTUNITY. For many years we’ve heard about your speeches, and words about going to school and get a good job statements over and over again. Now partially, I do believe that behind the message does stand still, BUT I find it to be B.S. I’m going there. There are of us who graduated in the past with a load of debt to payback in the next decade or so, have to struggle with dead-end jobs or jobs that we don’t want but still to make ends meet. I am now one of those people. Yeah, I know some who might come into defense might say, “at least you have a job!” But not to enough to pay rent, food, utilities, car insurance, your siblings’ bills, student loans, or better yet, trying to pay back your mother or father from all of the borrowing you did previously. I expressed that same notion to my Pastor back in January. And I also explained that my previous car bill for repairs was around $2,000.00. And I asked him, “how am I supposed to pay back my mother the $2,000.00 for the car repairs?” HOW?!!!! And here’s another secret. My current salary that I’m bringing home is $160.00 every two weeks, and my annually salary is around 4,000.00 per year, by working 2 days a week. Many of you know that I work as a poll worker for the City of Milwaukee and in which I am being paid for an split shift of 8 hours. And usually I get an extra 60.00 for the day. BUT that is not enough in order to pay for the bills. Even though I enjoy going to the public as a Poll Worker.  Also it’s extra money for gas or miscellaneous stuff. And this is coming from working as a Secretary for a church.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong of being a Church Secretary. But if the salary is not coming in enough, where is the change? Either the company has to do something or me, the employee has to do something. And that something is a resort of various choices: either look for another job, enroll in a job training program that is community wide, or go back to school. Or any or all the above. Plus, while that’s happening, the resumes must be polished up and having more standouts at career fairs and programs alike.

Call out for the employers: PLEASE don’t put all your feelings of Sensitivity in terms of those looking for a job. Job Seekers like myself don’t have all the time to hear about your sad stories about how resumes should be, and the employers need to be very clear about what they want in terms of a position. And long time ago, there was a time that recent graduates could apply for jobs along with those who have their degree within 2 years or less. That needs to come back. Especially in this technological era of the 21st Century. Give us a chance! I mean America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, right? Where’s the opportunity?

Second, the culture has to change. Just like the USA Basketball team. If those of my age has to go to Internship way after college, then so be it. If those my age have to go to programs to get certified like Big Step,  or making a hard decision of accepting serving in the Armed Forces between 36 -40, then so be it. By the way, WRTP/Big Step is a program organization here in Milwaukee that most go for work related training in order to get those family related jobs that pays well. And they’re Union Shop related. In regarding my experience with the job fair, I had to put this out on Facebook via my wall:

Doing the office work and also just got back  from a job fair. Yes there were jobs available. But I also believe that the employers (not all but some) shouldn’t have put their feelings or discouragement to those via Resumes in terms of those looking for work. Or trying to move up for a career change. Let’s just say I had that today, and yes I did learn from it. And like a Sagittarius, I’ll bounce back. I ain’t dead yet! – Another of my I’m just saying moment. 

I hope that this blog does get those RSS feeds in. I want it to happen. So because if any employer could use this for a suggestive ideas to get more employers to apply. Now when I went to the Public Hearing in Milwaukee, my intent was not to complain or start a scene. I was respectful. And I thanked the city for allowing me to come and say what I needed to say. And even though it wasn’t enough for me to get the decision I wanted, at least for a citizenship side, I made my statement. Was it foolish for me to go to the hearing? Absolutely not. I felt as a citizen of Milwaukee to this. And it’s my right. And yes it wasn’t enough to win the appeal.

But however: that is not going to stop me for applying for work! Oh no. We all going to learn today!

So employers: YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION! Some of your displays are not working. It’s time to change not for some, but for all!

As for me: In the words of the late Richard Pryor: I ain’t dead yet, (censored words)!


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