So African-American singers can’t do Country? Really?! And plus, I’ll put my spin on one thing for Wisconsin Jobs.

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Before I start: Let me say to those effect by the recent events of Tornado Disasters in Moore, Oklahoma: You will be back. You will rebuild. And you will rejoice. Even though that you may had lost your homes, your cars, or those you loved, you will bounce back. And those who want to help: Contact your local Salvation Army or the American Red Cross to find out how you can  donate.

Now: I want to talk country music. And the connections with African-Americans. The subject of the matter is centered around Darius Rucker, whom we know was the front man singer of Hootie and the Blowfish. And in the last couple of years he has been doing country music as a single artist. And he’s got love from the Country Music fans in regarding his new exploration of music. Now recently, there has been a backlash about him, a black man doing country music. Really?! Yes. On Twitter, Darius responded to a racist tweet that previously told him to “leave country to the white folk.”

Oh yeah, I think Darius handled that very well. Telling this “Twitter dude” how it is.

The popular country/western singer Charlie Pri...

The popular country/western singer Charlie Pride sings to the honored guests during the gala celebration at the Capital Center, on Inauguration Day. (Released to Public) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time for me to do some education. And I want ALL folks, especially those who feel that country music should be reserved for whites and not blacks, pay attention. Throughout history, African-Americans or those of my African Heritage created all kinds of music. My race has been and still remains the OG’s when it the subject of music comes up. What I’m saying is that black people made Country, Jazz, Zydeco, Folk, Rock, Soul, Pop, Inspirational, Blues, Instrumental, Funk, Electronica, Ska, House, Hip-Hop, Rap, Vocal, and many other genres that most do and surprisingly, don’t do. But we started this! And everyone else copied. The issue of Country Music with African-Americans isn’t new. Artists like Charley Pride comes to mind. Who was, in the words of Martin Lawrence from his “Martin” days, “the first brother of Country”.

Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music Vol...

Here’s a game changer: Ray Charles, who was known for hits like “What I’d Say”, and mixing for the first time of Gospel and R&B (who many thought it was sac-religious)  also incorporated Country Western Music in his talent. Research, people.

English: Rissi Palmer Peforms at the Chicago M...

Oh check this out, a couple of years ago on the old Milwaukee Fox Blogs, I commented about Rissi Palmer, who was an upcoming singer in the Country Music Genre and she’s black. Her hit single, Country Girl caught on with interest in 2008.

Lionel Richie, had a Country Album called Tuskegee in which he remixed some of his best hits with country singers like Brad Paisley, and Willie Nelson. Go research it.

Wait a minute: I almost forgot about Cowboy Troy. Yes, he’s more of a Country Hip Hop Artist in his own right.

And we know what Darius has done thus far in the Genre. So for those who think that Country Music should have a whites only pass required, just remember that it had a creation made by black folks! Many don’t realize that since making the move to Country Music, Darius Rucker had become the first African-American Artist to shine since Charley Pride to gain that notion of distinction. Hate to say it, but I don’t see Darius Rucker hanging up his Country Music Talent real soon. Despite of those who don’t like him or the genre. And I know that some might say “I get it.” Do they really? Or check this out from Rolling Out Website that has a section on Black Country Musicians.

Shifting gears for a moment: It’s time to talk Wisconsin Jobs. We know, or we should know that the ranking of Wisconsin Job Growth is not very good. Try 44th in the nation. Previously, the state was near number 11 by the time Scott Walker took office. And the sliding came at a fever pitch. Mainly because of Act 10, busting up the Collective Bargaining subjects of Unions, refusing a federal grant money for High Speed Rail, or slashing funds for education. And he says that Wisconsin is “Open for Business”.  If that were really true, we should see some jobs popping up left and right all over the state, including my home city of Milwaukee. Now, I have to give an ounce of respect to the State of Minnesota. Question: why Minnesota? At times I poke fun at the state in which the Vikings and Golden Gophers can’t hang with the Packers or Badgers. But job wise and economic wise, they are doing something that Wisconsin isn’t doing: Making the STUFF HAPPEN! In a recent article according to Sierra Club, the state just signed by their Governor Mark Dayton, a Clean Energy and Jobs Bill. Which involved Solar Energy. Plus, on the Collective Bargaining Front, according the SEIU, they have approved that for Home Care Workers. That’s good. With these things that I have brought up, is what I think Wisconsin SHOULD BE DOING! Even supporting Marriage Equality! Wisconsin had this out the pasture back in 2006. I think that with all this going on, should I move to Minnesota? If a state that is “Open for Business” in terms of display it is Minnesota. So I think that Wisconsin needs to stop fronting in terms of bragging with fantasy, and brag with truth! So far on the Wisconsin Job Count in the Private Sector: it’s at 62,072. In total for two years. Not near anywhere that 250,000 job count that Scott Walker imagined with looking at this High School Diploma!

I guess Walker should learn from Governor Mark Dayton in which that the lesson of making jobs should be sold, not passed up.

In regarding to Blacks and Country Music: check out this video courtesy of the Huffington Post and Marc Lamont Hill. The title: “Has Country Music Soul-ed out?” Yep. That is the title. Plus the The Root website has a story about this as well.

It’s time to go back and learn!


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