Bad news: Wisconsin’s Budget Committee deal a blow to the Milwaukee Streetcar, but good news, the Streetcar is still on for projection

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Facebook Viral, Local, Local News and Politics, Milwaukee Community Ideas, Technology, Youtube Viral
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If those who thought the Milwaukee Streetcar was on it’s last legs, guess what? Not “very” so. Even though that the state’s Budget Committee voted a 12-4 (majority Republican) in favor of the so-close demise of it, and have to advise the city government to pay it up, some probably forgot that the project will still go on as planned. Just a FYI that the Federal Money that was saved up for a future Infrastructure project back in the 1990’s. Mayor Tom Barrett already stated to The Business Journal, that the construction, operations, utilities, and finance costs of the Streetcar will move forward. In the meantime, there are some videos to watch why would a modern streetcar, would benefit Milwaukee. Even if you disagree, maybe just maybe (without busting out the calculator and calling it, that so-called word of a boondoggle) hear what some recent individuals have to comment.

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