It’s about time to do another version of Three Way Dance. If you’re a Wrestling fan,you should know what this is in terms of having three wrestlers in one ring, having ONE of the wrestlers to win the match. But apparently the three way dance I’m bringing up, has nothing to do with WWE or TNA wrestling. Neither UFC or MMA Fighting.

First Take: In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today, there was an article about Scott Walker having this thought that the offices of President Obama and Tammy Baldwin are still in effect based on the thought they are going against him to out him in 2014. Prepare to laugh. Really?! This is coming from a guy who has the numbers and words of 250,000 private sector jobs etched in his head. In the claim, the story states that in his words “Obama for President and Baldwin for Senate have kept their campaign offices up and running in Fox Valley, Eau Claire and La Crosse with their staffs preparing for the next battle.”  See I told you the laughter would kick in. And delusional at the same darn time. If any political history buff already knows that since November 6th, yes both Obama and Baldwin won. But also the new Senator Baldwin is beginning her first term in Washington, while Obama is in his second term, but NOT running for office after 2016. When you are re-elected as President of the United States and you get a second term, you done. Plain and simple. Then after that, you start building a Library in your honor. Personally, I have not seen not one Obama For America office still operating in Milwaukee, but I know that there will be more Organizing For Action offices popping up in continuing Obama’s Ideals and Objectives going. For Tammy, I think she might support the leading Democratic Wisconsin Candidate for the chair in Madison, but no not setting up offices for her or him. Oh, the mind games  It made me laugh, but very serious. But Scott Walker is right about one thing, it would be difficult for him to defend his chair in 2014, but if the democrats in Wisconsin are more smarter and eager, they need to get someone that is stronger than Walker, and can beat him at his own game. And no, Tom Barrett I think would not be mentioned strongly. The Demos need to go extreme and hardcore to get to Walker and his breaking point. But him thinking Obama was in business in Wisconsin along with Baldwin, can I really say, this has to be the most delusional crap coming out of a guy that is teabagger ridden? Yeah I said it.

Plus also, another mistake of the Walker guy, is the establishment of the WEDC. It used to Commerce Department of the state. And today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called out the Walker Administration to tell them they need to straighten up in regarding this. In a blog called “Blue in the County”, which is on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Purple Wisconsin Website, Kristen Hansen pointed out several areas of the mistake in her blog story,  “I hate to say I told you so, but”…. Reminds me of my 22 Wisconsin blogs that well, I told you so! She writes.

Anyway, in February, 2011, when the Wisconsin Legislature approved  Walker’s proposal to partly privatize the Department of Commerce, one senator who voted for the change said the state needed to “do something different. This is different.” (I don’t think by “different” he meant “worse” but that’s what we got.) Those questioning the move pointed to Indiana and Michigan where unemployment was, and still is, higher than in Wisconsin. Indiana’s unemployment rate is 8.7%, Michigan’s is 8.5%, and Wisconsin’s is 7.1%. So basically we copied the brilliant plan from states that have worse unemployment than we do and now our rate is going up. The WEDC has spent millions on its own administration and given away $172 million in loans, grants and tax credits and what do we have to show for it? We’ve dropped from 11th in the nation in job creation to 44th.

And to top things off, Kristen continued her summary of the highlights given.

It looks like we’re headed in the same direction with the WEDC, exactly as my research predicted. A private agency run amok, not creating jobs and not really wanting to tell us what they are doing. And since they are no longer a public agency, it’s much harder to get answers and hold them accountable.

So I ask again, Open for Business? I don’t think so. And likewise, the jury is still out.

Second take: Now I’m going national. By now the story of Mountain Dew is circulating and at a the center of the creation, Tyler the Creator. Last time, I talked about Tyler the Creator he won a MTV Video Music Award in 2007 for Best New Artist. No one heard of Tyler until his name popped up. Yeah, I’ve seen his videos on Youtube and he has a explicit edge in his craft. And everyone thought N.W.A. had an Explicit Edge. But in recent events, Mountain Dew brought out a commercial in which had several black dudes, an older white woman, a white dude as a police detective, and a goat. You may have seen it. And after the commercial was aired and played, the seriousness of racist responses came at a fever pitch. Everyone bugged LL Cool J with his collaboration with Brad Paisley with “Accidental Racist”. But after that, I guarantee you that those who were mad at LL, will go to his concerts, buy or download his music or watch that movie of Deliver Us From Eva.  But anyway, for Tyler, his fanbase might continue. If those who follow him, will, but I dare ANY fan of Tyler the Creator, and I mean DARE, get on his case. I’m serious. Hold him accountable! And conversely, if you like drinking Mountain Dews on an occasional basis, you hold them accountable also. Too many times in history, company commercials at times, get away with murder. I’m not saying all of them. There are some that do keep their peace. But for Mountain Dew. They need to learn today! Yes, the commercial was yanked. And those of us are mad (in the Black Community) at Tyler and Mountain Dew for their creation and distribution of the commercial  It seems the anger should be towards Tyler the Creator, than Mountain Dew. And to justify the thought, when the commercial was yanked, it even surprised Tyler himself. I know there are supporters of the commercial might back him up and saying that the commercial wasn’t that bad, and black folks shouldn’t be so sensitive when it comes to race. Um, when something that goes against the things that our own folks that have gone through with the struggle of Civil Rights, and many more barriers for African-Americans to prosper, it’s  not a concern of the so-called sensitivity. It’s a reminder of pride and dignity. Hello! But I’m going to make a bold prediction, even though most of us are just now knowing who this cat is, the heated debate will probably last for about 3 weeks or more.  Then folks would probably get back supporting Mountain Dew and Tyler the Creator again. Watch. Think I’m lying? The only way that the thought might be proven wrong, as if folks might step up and say: no more!

Now the third take: Lil Wayne submits a statement to the family of Emmett Til. We know the lyrics from the then Karate Chop single right?  “Beat that p****y up like Emmett Till”. Remember that? And also Epic Records took down the song based on what was heard? Now the family of Emmett Til received Lil’ Wayne’s statement of the situation, and apparently the family rejected the note. Their reason? It didn’t have “I’m Sorry” or “I apologize”. It appears to me that the Emmett Til Family wants to have Lil’ Wayne one of those “Come to Jesus Meetings”. And the issue still comes that the family wants to teach Lil’ Wayne a lesson of respect for their fallen family member. And also this also shows an example that our teens/children still need to know their history. Specifically BLACK Folks! Those of us who have kids now, I pray to GOD that you better teach them about civil rights, and a reason why Emmett Til’s murder was a lightning rod of taking action against lynchings and murders! Oh, I can’t imagine in the next 20 or 30 years, if that song is researched in a College Classroom or some futuristic version of the Steve Wilkos Show, or in a high school setting, that there might be those who look at the name Emmett Till, and might say, oh that’s that dude who was in that Lil’ Wayne Karate Chop song. Keep in mind for those who are 14 years old, When Emmett Til was your age, he was murdered after whistling after a white woman in the south. Most should know that. I dare ANY YOUNG hip-hop fan who is dazed and confused about this, better hit the books! Hold Lil’ Wayne accountable! Not the so-called lyrics that you shouldn’t know. Yes, Lil’ Wayne is talented in his own right, but he better get his mind right also. Just saying.

I did say this was a “Three Way Dance”. When you facing opponents who are delusioned, uneducated and facing a Jesus meeting, they all are going to lose. Just my opinion.


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