If those of us in Wisconsin have a barrel mentality of adversity, the latest numbers of jobs just came in, and it has gotten alot worse. Pay attention, Walker backers it’s your fault! According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, they ranked the badger state dead last, when it comes to jobs. The last number of 50. Well gee, badger folks. How’s that Brown Bag Movement working for you? I can hear the other states saying this now. All that talk about Scott Walker bring in 250,000 private sector jobs to the state is a complete failure. Most of us thought it was a concern and well, it is.

In Milwaukee, specifically in the African-American community,  we hear about “crabs in a bucket”. This is the same scenario I think comes to jobs in Wisconsin.

Here is the complete report courtesy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Even though the state is ranked in 14th for Talent Pipeline, 16th in exports, and 17th in infrastructure, it still ranks at the bottom of the barrel at 44, but closer to 50th in the nation in jobs.

I dare to ask: Open for business?

BizTimes: Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin Business News | BizTimes.

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