New Rule for Milwaukee: The groups of Newaukee and Historic Milwaukee must and MUST Talk to the African-American Community plus get representation from the African-American Community”

Posted: May 3, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Commentary by all means, Decision Factors, Editorial, Local News and Politics, Milwaukee African American Commentary, Milwaukee Community Ideas, My Special Commentary, Organizations
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Time to jab here. No I’m not mentioning a punching bag with gloves. During the past week of my listening ears, I as usual was geared to WNOV. The lone black radio station in Milwaukee? And a couple of times I’ve heard Sherwin Hughes talked about the lack of represention when it comes to certain organizations and/or events when it comes to African-American residents in Milwaukee. Here in this scenario, he had to hit two organizations in Milwaukee that seem to have the pulse of philosophical ideas to help strengthen the city, but the question lingers and I have to agree with him on this one: Where is the African-American Representation in these organizations?

First: Newaukee. Now many are asking, what IS Newaukee? According to it’s website, Newaukee is really geared towards the young professionals and those who want to make the city better with new ideas. Possibly greater. Which is nothing wrong with that. I’ve seen the pictures of their activities on their website and also yes, they have a Facebook page. On their Facebook page, I’ve seen their pages from their events and to my surprise that yes I did see some African-American guests in those pics. No question.  BUT the question remains is, where is the African-American Representation of Newaukee in which the boards, planners, organizers, volunteers, researchers, surveyors, or officers are on the pulse? What that does, in my opinion, that helps spread the segregation portion in this city! Now if anyone in Milwaukee that is part of Newaukee, and reading this blog, I have seen a picture of a black woman, in which was part of a news article that geared with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s four part series of trying to bring the city back. In which dealt with the segregation issues that still lingers on the city. And there was a question that was poised on your Facebook page: How can we help? For you young professionals that are apart of this, I think the part still needs that YOU need to talk to the black community. You need to go out to the NAACP’s, the Milwaukee Urban League’s, those apart of the Milwaukee Juneteenth Day Celebrations, and many others that gear interest in helping out the city, whom are of African Descent  I don’t see them going to Mark Wade who happens to run and operate African World Festival, Ltd. Where is Newaukee on that? As a matter of fact, does Newaukee go to the events that caters to African-Americans at venues and events?

Speaking of that point, this is for Historic Milwaukee. Yes at times I get a kick out of going to the old school buildings that help made the Milwaukee image as Cream City. But recently there was a preliminary discussion about yet again about strengthening the city’s future. It was called “Envisioning the Seen” which took place back in March. And the panel of that discussion has 12 visionaries in which they commented about the future of Milwaukee. Again. Nothing wrong with that. But recently, I stumbled onto the Historic Milwaukee Facebook Event’s page, and Sherwin Hughes asked the question about who were the 12 Visionaries? He also pointed out that no African-American men or African-American women under 40 years old weren’t picked for this discussion. Or should I say people of color. Consider myself a “POC” by the way. Oh yes it was heated. And even though the name Dasha Kelly has been mentioned many times in the discussion (who is a black female) , there was little discussion of the African-American MEN who were just named.  Ranging from Jason Fields, Jarrett Fields, Eyon Biddle, Rob Baker (aka Biko), David Bowen, Clayborn Benson from Wisconsin Black Historical Society, and maybe Sherwin himself. Even groups like Capita Productions as well. Even there weren’t no Hispanic folks represented  The one true cop out in all of this was about in commenting about having 4 minorities and a person of the LGBT that were selected. But then again: NO BLACK/HISPANIC MEN under 40 were picked for this panel!

It almost reminds me of asking the old school question, “Where the black folks at?” That is old school!

The issue of diversity in Milwaukee is still like saying the jury is still out. Personally it’s still on the pulse in which both (AND I MEAN BOTH) groups must continue to grasp. Some may not realize, there are folks of color in this city that do care about Milwaukee. Maybe EVEN differently than those of Caucasian descent. But don’t want to be seen in the back of a Squad Car with the necks broken, or being part of that large population of African-Americans in jail making up the “worst state for black people” moniker. And also not be commented about getting jobs because of skin color of black.  And I’m surprised that none of these groups have ever gone to the black folks or any other person of color per say, and ask about their input of the ideas to help Milwaukee. The last time I checked, according to the 2010 Census, Milwaukee has at least 40%+ African Americans residing in the city/county/regional area. That alone cannot be ignored! In also what cannot be ignored and a comment on Facebook did say that African American Men in Milwaukee are usually undermined, overlooked, passed over, and at times, silenced and ignored. And partially this is why I think those move out to Atlanta, Chicago or other cities that mostly draw interests to African-Americans. Milwaukee needs to wise up! The city talks about ideas to attract young professionals, but what about BLACK Young Professionals that want to stay, help, and thrive? That also, I think is ignored.

Other names I think would have been on this panel, would have been Russell Stamper II, Nikiya Harris, Mandela Barnes, James Causey, TJ, Milwaukee County Supervisors Marina Dimitrijevic, and Khalif Rainey.

Personally in regarding this post, is not to separate or divide folks. If the folks of Newaukee, or the Historic Milwaukee Organizations could somewhat “uncover the shell” of going deep, that involves more of People of Color in Milwaukee in general, then the greater it might be a spark. Especially those who are African-American Men under 40 years old. Personally, they may not realize it, but they have no choice but to reach out. And even though that I shouldn’t be saying this to the WordPress blog and straight condemning Milwaukee. But however, sometimes if you love something, you have to condemn the actions. So yes, it’s call out time!


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