Retro Blog from 2010: Special New Thought: Wisconsin’s New Official Holiday – Juneteenth Day

Posted: May 2, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Local News and Politics, Milwaukee African American Commentary, Retro Blogs
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Back in the old MySpace Days, (yes I still at times go to MySpace), I use to ramble and blog about anything that comes to mind. Even about Wisconsin. And many others. Plus this blog was my commentary about Wisconsin, and Juneteenth Day. Which officially became a “State Holiday” in 2010. 

Special New Thought: Wisconsin’s New Official Holiday – Juneteenth Day

In case any Wisconsinite didn’t get the memo: the state has a new official holiday, under Juneteenth Day. Despite of what most felt about it, it is now and forever a State Holiday. So I don’t want NO Wisconsinite of any color, including those who are just opposite of me getting an attitude about why the state needs to add Juneteenth to the Badger State’s calendar.

For those who want to know, this was made official last year by Gov. Jim Doyle. But the struggle of getting the holiday to be official, goes back to Milwaukee’s beginnings around 1971. But why it has taken 39 years? Oh let me see: maybe there were some in Milwaukee or Wisconsin felt that it shouldn’t be celebrated. Leave it to Texas.  Or it may not have a belief. Blah, blah, blah. But I have to say after 39 years making it an Official State Holiday, it was well worth it. Now it has to be kept real. That means all of us Wisconsinites can’t shut it down for no reason. Nor escape it. That means more history for us to learn from. For Wisconsin, it means no slacking up, like not enough retaining degree students from colleges.
Now I know what those particularly on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel comments are thinking. They probably are going to assume things with race, and how blacks are treated in public. Lord knows that is what I think the JSOnline has right now. Having commenters who still are stuck by who feel that black people are their enemy. And having a commenter like Eugene Kane leading the pack.  Let me tell you about what I think of Eugene Kane. Personally, I feel he’s a gifted columnist who has a reason to write whatever he wants. He has a decently and brilliance (ala President Obama) and more interesting, he has a direct approach on issues. As far as the issues concerning race, I may not agree with this, but I’ll say it – Milwaukee this for you: Milwaukee whether you like it or not, is a good place on a great lake, got a good basketball team, a huge supporter of the Packers, Brewers, euro centric arts, jazz in the park, Summerfest, the ethnic festivals, etc. Hell, even Lakeshore State Park is good spot. Gotta love the Mil.
But when it comes to be a “segregated city”…..guess what? Truth has just hit you in the face. When Bill Cosby was here in 2004, he had a quote that it was very truthful: “Milwaukee, you are city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” I hate to say it but Milwaukee is still segregated. Even though it has some nice areas and relations, but still. Some has said years ago that it’s fading out. Has it really? And why is Eugene Kane STILL  reporting this? Well first of all, it’s his job to report things like this in order to inform and summarize. I was writing a blog a month ago on my Fox Affiliate blog, Is there a place for Milwaukee for black people?” and oh, I got on blast. It was a direct reference from NBA Player Josh Smith who dissed the brew city in the sentence “There ain’t nothing to do in Milwaukee, Man. Everybody knows and they know that.” That’s what he said. NOT ME! And plus, another columnist, Mikel Holt went deep about his summary about how the entertainment aspects, jobs, and others don’t appeal much to black professionals. Excuse me, make that Young Black Professionals. And guess what, they move to other climates that they treat them with respect, and never looked back. I hate to tell my Fox 6 Milwaukee blog friends, but that is the sentimental truth in which that some nor most don’t understand. Do I apologize for saying this? Hell NO! But I did say in the beginning, “forgive me for writing this topic”. Have I been forgiven? Really? I don’t know. As for my spiritually, I was raised United Methodist, so technically, I’m a Christian. And I did not, I repeat DID NOT use my spiritually in a way to piss off those to be unforgiving. This topic has nothing to do with your spiritually in any way shape or form.
I was reminded of a quote that Frederick Douglass once wrote: A true patriot, is a lover of his country, who rebukes and does not excuse it’s sins. Let me paraphrase: A true patriot, is a lover of his or her country, who rebukes and does not excuse it’s sins. I was being a true patriot of my game. In similar fashion, I still love the Midwest atmosphere in Milwaukee, but I have to rebuke the segregation, being behind or a tail-end city, and lack of black professionals that is NOT AN EXCUSE! So I have a right to put that on blast, Fox 6 Bloggers. That’s right I said it. Not to hate those who went and lived in Atlanta in all, like I said. I don’t have nothing against the ATL nor those who were born there. I got kin folk living there, and I don’t put them on blast on anything. Nor I think that they don’t have anything against me just because what? I’m black, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin? Born in the same city that Harley’s, Candice Michelle, The Crusher, Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, and now Danny Gokey?!!!! Get real ATL. And America. Don’t forget, this was the same state that easily voted for President Barack Obama.
In conclusion: Juneteenth Day is now real in the Badger State. So let’s just get with it, will ya?



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