LeRoy Butler, American football player

LeRoy Butler, American football player (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I would never do this, but I’m going in hard on the Christian Faith. Specifically here in Wisconsin. In the continuing news of the announcement of Jason Collins coming out as a Gay person, yes he had his support of his choice to go with this path. However yes, there are those who thump against the idea and calling it unfaithful. In regarding those who supported Collin’s decision to “go gay” per say, one Former NFL Player has gotten alot of heat in response. Former Green Bay Packers Safety LeRoy Butler was a target of his support of Jason Collins coming out Gay. Yes, a former Green Bay Packer who made the Lambeau Leap famous in the NFL, has become a target (not the target) of an on-going issue of supporting those who want to have the platform of being apart of the LGBT folks.

With myself being a Christian, those who turned against the thought of being gay or being lesbian or supporting their lifestyle,  you will hear it from me and this is just my opinion as a straight person: I don’t care. If folks want to come out and have a Gay Pride parade around Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, let them have it. If I had an opportunity to do a DJ gig, or photographing for a event for the Lesbian folks, let me fill out the forms. Personally this also might upset those who are Christian, United Methodist, Black and Male, plus living in Wisconsin in it’s major city of Milwaukee, they need to know something, they and I should realize that you shouldn’t judge anyone. Remember Matthew 7:1? Review it. It’s a fact. I know there are those who say, that it’s against God’s law or against God’s will. I get it. However, does the golden rule have something to do with treating as if you wanted to be treated? I want to know where are these church going Christian Wisconsinites who snubbed LeRoy Butler of his approval of supporting Jason Collins? And the name of the church has not been revealed to the public. Plus Milwaukee is a number 1 hotspot in conjunction with the LGBT community.

What did LeRoy Butler say via Twitter? Let’s review some of the tweets: And by the way, find his twitter name, @leap36.

  • First Tweet: Wow, I was schedule to speak at a church in WI, and a member said that the pastor wants to cancel my event, I said ok why?
  • Second Tweet: Then I was told, because I said congrats to Jason Collins on twitter, I said really? we have a contract, he said check the moral cause,
  • Third Tweet: FYI the fee was 8500$,then I was told if i removed the tweet, and apologize and ask god forgiveness, I can have the event, I said no,
  • Fourth Tweet: I have received an apology from the church, but mainly thanking me for not releasing the church name, too me that’s not important,

After reading his viewpoint, he’s got support. From both Packer Fans and non-Packer fans. I have to admit those who like the Chicago Bears or the Detroit Lions who may not follow the Green and Yellow, but do back up LeRoy Butler. That’s fine. This is not about Football. This is about life. Period. And this issue is way bigger of winning the Lombardi, or being the best in the NFC North, or the NFL in general. And about the church, I have a question or questions, why the “moral cause?” I mean not to take away from the rules and regulations of the church, but when LeRoy made his comment about congratulating Jason Collins on his platform, I am asking again, why the moral cause that was hoisted like those Terror Warnings during the Bush Administration? Was LeRoy aware of this “moral cause” BEFORE going to the church and presenting his speech about bullying, in which he originally wanted to do for the church? I’ll bet they, the church are running scared because if word got out if the name was revealed, folks will be going bananas in a sense of protest against the church’s refusal of letting LeRoy speak.

My reason of calling out the Christian faith is a simple one: the closed mind set is a barrier in which must be torn down spiritually and I dare say physically! This is NOT a way to lure kids into the churches, in which I hear and see pastors talk about EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY. Yes, I hear my pastor talk about bring in young folks, but my pastor is not on blast in this story. What is on blast is those in the church who have this closed minded mentality about what can’t be said or discussed. Including a comment about LeRoy Butler’s support of Jason Collins. His comment of appreciation should not be a vital concern no matter which faith it is! INCLUDING CHRISTIAN FAITH!

Here is thought of research, did you know that the late Vince Lombardi accepted football players whom were revealed later on, Gay? His brother until his death in 2011 was a gay person. Lombardi was a coach who didn’t care about color, creed, or preference. He wanted football players that can just play the game and be the best of their ability. And if he were still living and breathing today, I think he would have appreciated his viewpoint on Jason Collins making his platform visible. Has the church researched that notion?

Even though the church might be shamed for not letting LeRoy speak, but his message will get through. As a matter of fact, his message should be a beacon of overcoming bullying in all situations and discussions. Mainly this ongoing struggle.


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