My Take: Jason Collins comes out. In his words: “Let’s talk.”

Posted: April 30, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, News and politics, Sports
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Just yesterday, another person of the sports world came out of the closet sort of speak, and revealed himself to the world as a Gay man. Now lots of folks are just now hearing about Jason Collins. The almost 6 foot 11, or 7 footer NBA Player that recently came out. Well, let me just say this. If he wants to be an open person of the LGBT community, then by all means let him. Let him have the opportunity to be open as he wants. I don’t care. And I’m saying this as a everyday person who is black, volunteers, works, and also goes to church every sunday. He already has mad respect from President Obama, Kobe Bryant and several other sports figures. Even a former Green Bay Packers Safety, LeRoy Butler. Now he’s already getting hate from those who oppose it. We know. It’s already been displayed. It was on ESPN at first that Chris Broussard, commented that today on OTL. Open to be a rebellion to God? Really?

Many of us who are probably “righteous” right now, were probably rebellious to God in many ways. The folks who probably went to church for years with families, some of them lost that belief because the messages in the churches way back didn’t reach them. However, that is a different story. But this story about Jason Collins coming out gay, per say, is his platform. Now I’m assuming for those who are against this, are probably bashing him and probably asking (in a Christian  sense of his rebuking against the work and lessons of religion? Now for the bible folks: I have a biblical question. What does the lesson of Matthew 7:1 say about judging others? Remember that? Well since I’m leading the lesson, the scripture says in the King James Version that “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged”. Or in a regular sense: Don’t judge folks! We probably don’t know his story of why making a Gay Decision of Jason Collins had taken place. Until today.

Sports Illustrated displayed a story about the full reasons why Jason Collins had done this. Like many I’m assuming, he had his share of dating women, and those close to him had thought of a different angle of his preference. But in the end, he made his choice. Even though his choice of “going Gay” may not sit well with others in a sense, but that his pick. I’m not saying that is a bad decision. But if that is a decision for him (and him only), like The Beatles used to say: “Let it be.” Now he’s not the only player this year that came out, does the name Brittney Griner ring a bell? Yep, the female Basketball Player from Baylor who can dunk a basketball like Lisa Leslie (and yes she can dunk) came out as a new member of the LGBT. Again, not hating. Let her have the moment.  Even if folks like Broussard disagrees.

Now to switch gears: What about the children? Uh-oh. I can hear this now from concern parents who have kids by saying this: “So they came out. But what about our kids who look up to them as role models? Um…Hello! Lessons need to be learned here!” We get it. I think those who say that in a sense of context, probably don’t want to be educated or in this case, “re-educated” about the choice given. Just like talking about sex. Remember when Salt-N-Pepa had a song about it? Don’t lie! Some of you probably got that stored up in tapes or CD collections. So I think that the re-education of this portion needs to examined to fullest. Just saying.

I know that Chris Broussard has his viewpoints and is entitled to them. He has that right. BUT as far as judging others, it’s time for reality check. I’m just saying! So this discussion as an example is not new. It’s just another story that keeps the conversation going.


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