Last time, I wrote a What should go here blog, it was mostly around black Milwaukee in which I saw empty buildings that have been closed up for years. However, since I have been doing some thinking. I’m going to write a part two. In which I focused around the Midtown Center area. And a building that once housed 1290 WMCS, plus a building that most should ask, say what?

A familiar site. This is where 1290 WMCS used to be for over 30 years. If you have never heard of the radio station, and live in Wisconsin, why the missing out? Anyway since a radio station once staged here, and the building is up for sale, make it a new office space for retail development. Or make it a training ground for those who want to pursue a radio career. Futhermore, the building can also be converted to a church. You have plenty of parking, it’s near a busline, and a gas station. Or if those who like to be secure, have this as a new Job Center or Bank. Near 27th and Hope Avenue, the old Eaton Building that was in the city for many years, had been revamped to Central City Towers.

Further up Capitol Drive, the building near 61st and Capitol, houses the African American Chamber of Commerce. Soon to be,  it will be up for sale. However: bring the AACC, near this building near Sherman and Capitol for office space ideas.

This used to be the Manna House Restaurant, located at the Midtown Center. Now I haven’t stepped in and took a chance to get some food in order to take home. Didn’t do it. BUT, since this was a Restaurant, this should be a restaurant yet again. But it has to thrive and attract, which mostly don’t usually to that much. Another idea is to hold a meeting place, to host job fairs, community related functions, or have a related establishment to be built for storage. No, I have to disagree. This building should be locally owned in the community and it should treated locally. Even if Playmakers nearby has to expand, this building could serve as a asset to add more to the store in sense of gain. Or: Office Depot which towards the right could also use the building for the same fashion. Or if not, make it a mini-print shop. And just to add, the very same spot where these buildings are, this used to be the Capitol Court Movie Theater.

The buildings of Let’s Party! and Aria (I think)  have been closed for years. Let’s Party! I believe was a Party store in which you can buy party supplies. And Aria? It served a Banquet Hall at one point. Never knew that. Towards the right, Cricket Wireless should take Aria and make that as a Training Center for jobs. Or turn that into a hosting for Neighborhood Sessions. As in meetings, events, or someone who wants to expand their Banquet Hall businesses near by or across town, that can be useful. I think some folks need to a chance to “see.” As far as the Let’s Party store, why can’t that be expanded with Aria, and make it a Banquet Hall for additional space. Either for private meetings or public job fairs. Just a thought.

In the Midtown Center Complex there are some building units that are available for lease. Yes, I do see some stores that could be useful. But can they thrive? Nearby, Concordia University is in the Midtown Center, maybe if the campus could expand that with more classrooms, or tutoring. Another idea could house those companies that shred old files to digital files, or having a Wedding Planner store. Or this may sound kind of weird that no one does not want to talk about, supply a store for Funerals Events. Yeah I said it. Urns, casket sprays, etc. Or since we can talk about flowers, have a live flower nook in the store. Back in the day, when the Midtown Center was Capitol Court, there used to be a store called Abbey’s Flower Nook, in which you arrange to buy your flowers for any occasion. Well, I say as a thought, maybe one of the units could be a flower store. I know it sounds cheesy, but hey it’s a thought. Or make it a local bookstore that sells African American literature.

Now this building. I know what your thinking. What could possibly go here? Matter of fact, what was here? And yes, there is a caboose next to the building. But seriously, this was a spot called “Tommy’s Good Times Saloon”. Plus, this used to be a Gentleman’s Club. I kid you not. This was a small bar, in which I didn’t go into! If any long time resident of Milwaukee that resides or used to reside near 76th and Hampton,  you should know this place very well. Don’t lie. However, the building with the caboose/former Gentleman’s Club hasn’t been used in quite sometime. How long? I don’t know. But to see this open up to something new, I don’t know. Or maybe this: Have the building to be a small store. A daycare is near the spot, so maybe the daycare could expand, or house a small tutoring center. North of the building, is a Payday Loan Service Center. That too, should expand if possible into the former club. OR maybe if someone were lucky enough, that could be a house. Well maybe. This building also could be a small cafe in which could be more family friendly.

Will I do a part three of a “What should go here?” That remains to be seen.


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