Bucks logo from 2006–present

Bucks logo from 2006–present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past, I have written about the Green Bay Packers when they won the Superbowl. Plus the Milwaukee Brewers when they won the NCLS Central Championship but barely won the chance to represent the World Series.

But many thought have been in asking: Why not the Milwaukee Bucks? Just why?

Usually I don’t pay attention as much, but here it is. By now as everyone probably know the Bucks made the playoffs in the 8th slot of the Eastern Conference. And got swept by the Miami Heat. No question about it. We usually see the Milwaukee Bucks as one of those “basement teams”. You know what a “basement team” is? Usually if you know it’s one of those teams that stay buried in the basement of losing records and seasons for a while. For the Bucks, it’s been a long while. Back in the 80’s, and mostly the 90’s, the Bucks were a prime example of those basement teams that really nobody didn’t cared for. Remember these names like Glenn Robinson, Vin Baker, Jack Sikma, Terry Cummings, does those names ring a bell? They were in the era when the team didn’t have fire. I’m serious. Over the seasons, they have revamped their logos, but that revamping didn’t have a fire to get the team reinvented in sense of getting the folks to the seats at the Bradley Center for winning purposes. Plus also, this year the Bradley Center had a name change, now to the “BMO Harris” Bradley Center, and it’s 25 years old. Now also it’s been talked about the future of the Bucks in concerns of a new facility. Just one of those things to keep the team in the city. Remember the Brewers, when the “Build it now!” chants happened in 1996? It might be the same thing here. And where will the Bucks New Arena will be built? Near Miller Park? Just asking. I know about the Park East Area near Downtown. And in the 2000’s, the Bucks had the Big Three of Glenn Robinson, Sam Cassell and of all folks: Ray Allen, before he jumped ship to Seattle, Boston and currently Miami. And in the same year of 2001, they won the NBA Central Championship which was the last time they won something after all those previous losing seasons.

Also, I’ve read from black players or those closely related, that many don’t want to play in Milwaukee. Everything from it’s too cold, not enough fun, or many other things. And yes, Milwaukee has segregation issues as a Segregated City. You know what’s funny, I was looking at Kevin Garnett and his previous NBA Championship was with the Boston Celtics in which he won. Not hating. But many also realized also that Boston, like Milwaukee has a history of being a Segregated City. I’m just saying Boston! Also, Green Bay. There was time that Charles Woodson didn’t want to play for the Packers. Too many things he was hearing about. Partially with black players not being welcomed or many other thoughts. But he played for 7 years and won a Superbowl ring! Plus the team was well “dangerous” in route to Superbowl 45.  Previously Reggie White had the same talk before he played for the Packers coming from the Philadelphia Eagles. And like Charles Woodson, he won a SuperBowl in 1997 with Brett Favre. I stumbled on a OnMilwaukee.com page about a story in which having a thought about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar coaching the Bucks. HOWEVER several comments popped up, and one commentor that a person remembers when he read or overheard him saying his liberties about not liking, nor playing in Milwaukee. This was well after the Bucks won the NBA Championship. IN 1971! And Kareem was on that team, before playing for the LA Lakers and winning his share of more Championships.

What does the Milwaukee Bucks have to do become more dominant and more “out there” when it comes to filling the seats and having a “All-Star Cast” like Miami or any other NBA team that could be a potential “High Caliber Championship Team”?

Yes, Brandon Jennings can’t do it all. If I had to pick a player that would have potential for next season, it would be Larry Sanders. Yes, he’s a shot blocker. Many of the supporting cast probably have some skills, but NOT enough skills to get to that number 1 point for a title run, or a playoff run for improvement. Technically also, those who are African-American B-Ball players needs to snap out of the funk (if you will), and just play basketball no matter what city they are playing for. This includes Milwaukee. I dare to say! Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks had a quote about “Aint nothing to do in Milwaukee years back”. Well some had a thought in response of relation. And plus since Basketball players are good with the cash, why not open up a spot for folks who can hang out? If Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun can open up a restaurant in suburban Brookfield, Wisconsin. Why not Brandon Jennings or Larry Sanders or Monta Ellis open up a club restaurant in Downtown Milwaukee? Just saying.

As I watching the game, yes many were chanting Bucks, but also the “Miami Heat Fans” were rooting for their team. Or you might have folks you know in Milwaukee rooting for LeBron and hating the home Milwaukee teams. Except for the Green Bay Packers. – They have proved their power thus far. But between the Brewers and Bucks, it’s constant sometimes to root for opponents. Which is nothing new! There was a time I was rooting for Michael Jordan and his share of NBA Championships, while living in Milwaukee! Only if the Brewers and/or Bucks start winning and filling the seats. The more you win, the more you fill the seats in order to get a winning season. That’s what it is now. If LeBron James, Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh played for the Bucks, per say and having the fire All-Star Power they currently have, the Bucks would have a dominant squad. Plus also they would be the Big 3 part 2 or something else. But that’s wishful thinking.

The Bucks to me are a misunderstood team that most know. Yeah, they had legendary players like Junior Bridgeman and Sidney Moncrief. Look at the banners next time you visit the BC. We know. But instead of the focus of viewpoints of the past, they need to progress the future. And this question has been on my mind: Why the local urban folks like the Milwaukee Rappers or Producers, or a well know young person of urban satire, invest in the Milwaukee Bucks? Like Jay-Z has a partial ownership in the Brooklyn Nets? I’m just asking. Knowing that former Senator Herb Kohl is the current Bucks President, but he also needs to start looking to future investors who would play poker or go Blackjack to get new deals. Sort of like the Packers. So far in the past couple of seasons, Between Brandon Jennings and Larry Sanders have been some star quality, but that does not equate the ability to get the butts in the BMO Harris Bradley Center. The management, plus the players MUST CHANGE THE CULTURE! Just the Packers and Badgers must do win their games. I mentioned that earlier this year. And I dare say, the Brewers need to change the culture of playing poker or getting blackjack to win! Again that’s how it is now. The current thing is not working. And there is nothing wrong going to the games and supporting.

So if the Bucks want to play “poker”, better start getting the cards out and practice. And change the culture of getting wins and having that All-Star Power to be a dominant team. Just like Green Bay. And unlike Brandon, no “preliminary predictions” of winning in 6 games in the NBA Playoffs. That was a cop out comment. Sorry.

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