Call this my Part 4 of getting the support of Black-Owned Businesses for the city of Milwaukee to flourish. And what I’m about to do is to go in and call out. If those believe that supporting black owned businesses is a racist thing, dream on. If those yet to believe that supporting black businesses is a crime, where was the fire? Last week?! I read my hometown Journal’s article about money flows out of the Black Community in Milwaukee too frequently, in order to hold in. Again and again you hear it all the time, why doesn’t Milwaukee support black owned businesses? Matter of fact, it reminded me when the death of 1290 WMCS came back in February, this was one of the surprising blows in which it had deeply impacted the black community. Now for those who are wondering, has any of the previous personalities ever recovered or risen up to new endeavors? One has. Former personality, Earl Ingram has a live segment at a Milwaukee spot, called Coffee Makes You Black for the past two weeks. Coffee Makes You Black, for those who are not from Milwaukee, is a black owned Coffee Shop that is near the Inner City of Metro Area. It’s not just a spot for Coffee or dinner, but also the shop does hold special events. Just a FYI. Now for those who want to make a joke about “Coffee Makes You White” courtesy of the JSOnline Commentators, that is really off-base. Literally. And rightfully so. They have NO IDEA!

Meanwhile, in the article, it featured a local black owned BP Gas Station and it’s owner, Diane Stowers. The Gas Station is located at 8th and Atkinson, just near the I-43 Freeway in Milwaukee. She explains that her business in petroleum is bad, and the “help” from local banks and loans have labeled her establishment as a “high risk”. Really? Diane had purchased the station in 2007 making it yet to believe the first black owned Gas Station in the city in quite sometime. Plus also, the assistance of her financial objectives is to gain more customers who pump gas, and/or make purchases in the station. The more customers, the more service, the better. Sounds familiar? If we like what we purchase, and/or try to do it, do we ever try again in terms for support? Just asking.

Later on in the article, the Grocery Store, Lena’s has been in the community for over 30 years. Now for some, who again are not from Milwaukee, and are blog readers, Lena’s is a grocery store in which not only you purchase your fruits, vegetables, meats, and more items of choice. You also can have a request to deliver your groceries to your home or residence, via the Lena vans that most folks see around Milwaukee. Currently, the store has 3 locations and employs around 300 people. Most of the stores employs are really those who are in high school that can work around their schedules, and also gain the skills in order to work their way up to in their future careers. Now probably some are saying, “So what? I had that when I was in high school. Duh. And it was NOT in the black community. I get it”. I have to question: do they really?

But this recent article, the columnist, James Causey had a followup with the story, and this came at a crossfire in titled: “Am I’m the racist?” Not me, him. Yes, James wrote the article in stating his point of view of shopping and supporting Black Owned Businesses, but some folks called him a racist! Really? Just because a person like him that supports and shops at African-American establishments, does not make him nor anyone a racist. Take a look at the article. Now I’m calling out the folks who did the racist labeling, and saying that James is the racist, they are misunderstood! Period. Take a look. When he or Eugene Kane has to address the race issues of the city, you might see these screen names commenting like oh let me see:

  • AmericanBear – Never heard of him.
  • WI Mother – Uh, who? WHO?
  • EyesonMilwaukee – Again, WHO?
  • Finnagetjustice – LOL! What?!! Never heard of him.
  • Otto Potz –  Who’s that?
  • LazarLamas – Say what now?
  • Johnopine – Again, never heard of him. WHO?
  • rhondajo – Who on God’s green earth is this? Seriously? Never heard of him!

This is just a sampling. There might be more in the past postings. Guys or gals like them always have to take the negative about black folks who summed up three things: One, blacks. Two, media stuff, and playing the liberal card. Just to point out, not every black person doesn’t think like James T. Harris, Dr. Ben Carson or Herman Cain. Hello! And I’ll bet, they and others like to do this, is like a daily rant. That’s all it is. A hateful daily rant. In which they think they’re winning, but nope: Losing a losing battle. Now some might be shocked. But most will tell you that it’s nothing new. I’ll bet around in 2011, when the black teens messed up Mayfair Mall, oh there were comments like “animals”. When the State Fair’s midway was messed up in the summer of 2011, there were folks similar to them who called them “thugs” via the internet. And also having the thought of the Castle Doctrine coming out later that year. What was that quote? “November 1st can’t come fast enough!” And where was this? the website. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. I’m just saying. And I bring this forward not just a call out, but also to establish this: part of this, is a example of what is happening here in the number one segregated city in the United States. No matter if it’s online with screen names or in person at a rally. Plus the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at most times attracts the “conservative crowds” in a political mean spirited fashion. Oh, partially, they had to break out the MLK speeches and yet to believe he’s was a Republican. Flag on the play! Go back and read.

Here is a shocker: I shop at black businesses: A Barber Shop, a Barbecue Truck, and even at times upon occasion: volunteer at a DayCare. Plus also I donate to black causes, Community Events, and attend African-American events in terms of means of support. When 1290 WMCS went away, 860 WNOV was the next thing to listen. And yes, you can listen no matter if you are in Milwaukee, or in Portland Maine. As far as the blogs that are local and black: Eugene Kane, James Causey, and rarely, The Milwaukee Drum. Nationally in other areas, I read blogs coming from Blackgirlinmaine. Remember her from Melissa Harris-Perry last year? Shout out to her. Now why I want to read these? I want to have a balance between what I know and what do I want to know that the other guys won’t talk about. In the past year, besides WMCS losing, The Michael Baisden Show, Warren Ballentine, and if you’re a reader of the Milwaukee Labor Press newspapers: Gone. Even Judge Joe Brown will be gone after 15 years on Syndication TV. No more “Man Ups” from Joe Time. Sad. However in the midst of black owned businesses that are still left and standing: they need support. Like a well known leader who falls, another one will rise up. Just to add, does anyone listen to Skip Murphy in the Afternoon? He’s black, not a Michael Baisden type, teams up with Jasmine Sanders,  but at least try him out to listen. And here in Milwaukee, he comes on between 2pm-6pm on Jammin 98.3. The same timeslot that Michael Baisden had here in the city.

So to conclude: No matter what the haters say, buying black may be a strange for many, but for some, it’s ongoing objective. No matter who says what. Period.


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