It seems that the Country had a whirlwind of disasters in the past week. Bombings, Explosions, News coverages like around the clock, the continuation of  the updated stories, and my pet peeves of why does this incident gets covered that the other?

First Take: The Boston Marathon Bombing was done by losers! As I was watching the news yesterday, many of us were paying attention during the day about the Uncle of the men who created the chaos. And personally, I don’t blame him. He, Ruslan Tsani had to come out and had to say what needed to be said. Even to shame them for their actions, their community, upbringing,  and lessons learned!  And for those who think that it was overly sensitive, you are dead wrong. This is family member who had to call out his nephews on the sentimental crap that they pulled. Even though the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev during the search, but the other was hiding in a boat! Really, the captured bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found in a boat covered with tarp. WOW! Now since that Dszkokhar is in custody, there will be questions and answers. And no, not just because he’s Russian. All this talk about Islam. I don’t get it. What did those two had to do with Islam, and their hatred against the United States? I mean folks gonna hate, but what was THEIR hate and tolerance at a well-known Marathon? I know I’m might be out of touch but what did I do? I have nothing against Russia! Shoot, I did pen pal letters to Russia as a child in Elementary School. Hell, I met Russian folks working in Milwaukee in person. In the Black Community!  Even though that was just a prime example, but those two dudes that did that pathetic job in Boston were just cowards.  But now, the City of Boston can rest from this incident. Even though they had to shut down the whole city to do it. And to look for Tsarnaev Brothers who were behind the Marathon Bombings. And even though I haven’t been there, but mad respect to Boston anyway. No, I don’t root for the Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, or Celtics. (Sorry I look out the Packers and observe the Bucks)   But one of my favorite bands, New Edition is from there, and I’ll bet there was whole lot of music requests of Poison blasting on the airwaves. Now, since I live in the city where Harley-Davidson was made, could the incident in Boston happen in Milwaukee? Possibly. If that can happen in Boston, it can happen anywhere. And futher add, the officials, plus President Obama was on that like crazy. There was no messing around, except when CNN fumbled the “dark-skinned man” thing. Really?!

To the second take: West, Texas. Now for those in West, Texas that had witness the explosion, I feel them. And what they had endured during that day was horrible. Now I know that the incident was less informative than the Boston Marathon Bombing, I don’t think that shouldn’t be a negative. It reminds me when Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died in the same day in June, 2009. Many felt that Michael’s death was overshadowing Farrah’s death. I’ve said this back in 2009 and I’m saying now, that don’t make no difference. When you hear about a death or an incident, no matter how famous or well  known it is, that shouldn’t be a debate. I’ve heard about this last year when Travyon Martin died and I’ll bet many felt that his death was being overshadowed by those who are black and die almost every time in major incidents or shootings. Well know this: Trayvon’s death was just as the same as deaths I’ve been reading about for years when I read the papers about innocent young black males dying. A funeral director, here in Milwaukee, Michelle Pitts for example was speaking at a Mock Funeral in which she expressed that when a young black person dies for nothing, she cries. The mock funeral was more like a teaching lesson for young black males who should have second thoughts of not committing a crime or getting into the wrong crowd like gangs and drugs.

But I know the next question: what does that have to do with an explosion in Texas that had 35 to 40 people dead, and three people dead in the Boston Marathon Bombing? In comparison: that I can’t explain. There is no comparison. A couple of weeks ago, we heard about some of our military, specifically the Marines died in a routine exercise in Nevada, and I’ll bet many were expressing their concerns the most, than hearing about the explosions in Texas and Boston. Or hearing about the 500 deaths in Chicago last year, or many years back when you hear about an incident related deaths in Milwaukee’s inner city neighborhood. Ponder that, Americans. This whole thing about deaths and incidents being “overshadowed” is way overblown. No matter who or what. We all hear the quote: death never takes a holiday. And when God calls you home, he calls you home. No ifs, ands, or buts! Just saying. And don’t think that this one of those so-called hypersensitive talk stuff. This happens almost everyday and most folks should know without expression on Facebook.


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