In the wake of the Boston Marathon Dilemma, with the bombs going off near the finish line this past Monday, yesterday there were journalists who had to alter their stories to get to the main point of a story. Either through Pictures or a live broadcast of making an arrest.

Personally, this is nothing new. I’ve seen it before and yes many others have seen it before. The media brings out a story per-say and it at least 90%, it will get it right. BUT in regarding this, not a good look. Not a good look for Boston, their careers, their objectives and really not a good look if you like to alter photographs and making it like the incident never happened.  Well it did happened!

Take CNN for example. John King reported that yesterday in Boston that the arrest had been made in regarding the bombing. Then he went far to say that a dark skinned man had committed the act. Hold up: How did they know that it was dark-skinned man without providing proof?! And second, why does it have to be a dark-skinned person to be on the pulse? I hope that doesn’t constitute racism. Or in this case: dealing the race card per say. Rev. Al Sharpton hit the nail on the head, when he went after on John King on his show PoliticsNation. Now say what you want about Rev. Al. Yes, he’s a preacher and for some he’s preaching hate, per say. BUT in this segment, he went in on this. Seriously. And by the way, MSNBC was smart enough not going for the trap like CNN did. Sensitivity my butt!

And speaking of extreme sensitivity: Pictures. Many of us seen the graphic photos of the aftermath of the bombing with blood. This was no movie. The New York Daily News is accused and was caught by doctoring a photograph that was graphic from the Boston Marathon. I think this is what I’m talking about courtesy of the Epoch Times. See the pictures by comparion that the picture on top was the real one. The bottom: fake.  I should warn the readers that this picture is graphic. Just a disclosure!

If I were in the photography business for real, I don’t EVER want my pics to be doctored for any reason. My intent will be authentic and real. Now to those who are “hyper sensitive about darn near everything”, grow up and change the channel! OK so not everyone likes blood. Remember 9/11? When the news networks kept airing the footage about the planes being hurled into the World Trade Center over and over again, and those back then had kids who are probably teens now, were asking is it happening again? Even though that footage was so graphic, and hellish on earth per say, but it was authentic and real. No need to be fake! Or to say, well we have children watching, or people might be sensitive to things like this. They do have disclaimers. And they warn you that this footage or clip might be this or that, be advised. The clip above is graphic, be advised! Just saying. Remember Oklahoma City? Like 1995 this week? That was one of the worst forms of terrorism acts ever. Real and graphic. The old Murrah Building after the bombing happened looked like an aftermath of a war in Beirut. And the people who had blood scars and scrapes were shown in newspapers nationwide 18 years ago.  Personally I didn’t read about any of the so-called sensitive folks in 1995 regarding this. Like many others my age I was getting out of high school way back when. But as a High School Student at the time, this was on our minds.

This picture thing we see now, especially on Facebook, we need to redefine our criticism. Like Bill Maher said last year “I don’t want to be in a country where I don’t want to offend anyone.” Apparently, America got all these freedoms and such, but we cower at times. We cower when we hear about get this: Dodgeball is a subject where OVERLY Sensitive Parents want it banned because it’s a dangerous sport. WHAT?!!!! So Dodgeball is dangerous now? Really? To those so-called sensitive parents reading this,  you gonna learn today! I’ll bet when you were there ages, you got hit by a ball. Call the wambulance! I got hit by a ball, but I managed to win the game. Don’t tell me we are raising the new generation now full of wimps! That’s right I said it. Or get this, many feel that using music in schools is a farce, or in this case all because they feel that schools should be a place of learning not having music. Reminds me of an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in which at a time columnist James Causey reminded about his days a high school student being involved in sports and other recreational activities. But his comments were bombarded with “I think music shouldn’t be in schools.” However I had to come to defense for the fine arts folks of my experience in Band, Stage Crew and Children’s Theater. FINE ARTS, MILWAUKEE!!! Check the books! The Yearbooks that is. And I got a band Letterman jacket to prove it. Oh yeah, I had a Band Letterman’s Jacket during my four years. No joke. And I heard about schools wanting to cut music out in 1993, when I was 16!

Some folks got to learn.

Like the old heads, I weep for this era. I do. I weep for those who don’t understand. I weep for those who plant hatred into children who think and believe that black folks are evil. I weep for those who don’t understand about Collective Responsibility and what it meant to be watched by those OTHER than Mommy and Daddy. I weep for those who had to be forced to be a certain lifestyle all because those who felt the old lifestyle wasn’t working. I weep for mainline churches who sold out, had pastors or priests having sex with young boys/girls, and talking about how to get young folks into the church courtesy of the old folks. I weep for the old folks who don’t seem to understand the concept that the younger folks are doing in which the plans of the old folks did back in the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s aren’t computing with the kids today.They have to change with the times.  And I weep for my black folks who at times had to be disrespected because of skin color when driving behind a BMW, residing in a neighborhood in which another group of folks “had to get away from”, or having trouble getting to a job or finding a job, because it’s not a bus line because a certain politician had to cut bus routes and raise fares just to make the matters worse for them to get to work or school. Or because it’s like: they don’t want them, nothing to do with them. Some say that getting their own business might be a clue. But some aren’t ready for that.

Hey journalists: your move. Get the facts straight!

EXTRA JUST IN: The FBI have a picture of the suspects potentially might be leads behind the bombing: Dark-Skinned? Really?!!

A surveillance camera video grab of the two men the FBI have identified as suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.


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