Callout! – Only for the U.S. Senate and their refusal to induct Background Checks in Gun Sales

Posted: April 17, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Commentary by all means, Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics, Uncategorized
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America:  I have a beef.

A real beef in which I thought I wouldn’t say.

What is it about us that makes our freedoms ok when something likes passing gun laws per say don’t go through? Just today in a 54-46 vote, the U. S. Senate decided that Background Checks in Gun Sales is not worthy. OH REALLY? Not worthy of what?

I’ll bet that the NRA is probably dancing in the streets. But if I were them, I wouldn’t dancing too much. Their counterparts in the Senate have totally, TOTALLY FUMBLED THE BALL! How are these folks in the Senate are supposed to feel good about themselves when you had the folks from Newtown, and other cities rallied around the President, VP, and those in the Obama Crew really wanted this background check to happen?

What amazes me that we have background checks for folks who want to look for jobs, food pantries, health checks, transportation, community aspects and others. Even trying to get a loan, a grant, financial aid, getting into a college classroom or a College/University of all places, and alas: we don’t’ mind those at all don’t we?! But OH NO it was not the case with the gun background checks.

What was part in the defeat of the background checks was political. Look at Rand Paul. Look at Mitch McConnell, and Mark Rubio. Matter of fact look at this pic courtesy of the Huffington Post:

Check it out. Even Senator Harry Reid voted no for this. Um Nevada, you need to have a “Come to Jesus meeting” with your boy. Matter of fact those who voted no on this need to have a “Come To Jesus Meeting” as well. Can I say next year at the polls in 2014? But I’m also surprised that Senator John McCain voted yes for this.

Just today, at the White House, President Obama was not too pleased. I don’t blame him being PO’ed. It was also hard for those standing with President when he had to make that announcement just to give the bad news. Also VP Joe Biden had to hear the words “SHAME ON YOU!” when he announced the disappointment of the final vote tally. And frankly, I would be angry too. Many times on my blog, I had written about a cousin of mine back in 2002, that was murdered because of a gun. I can bet that others who were shot, or those who were shot dead felt the same that this bill should have been passed with the 90% of the country wanted a background check having to expressed interest in getting it done. This country has too many excuses of hindering it’s freedom of the 2nd Amendment. I’ve said this many times. I don’t care about the 2nd Amendment. I care about the accountability and responsibility  and apparently those voted 46 points, the NRA, and many other who like to say, “Obama is trying to take your gun!” are the real reasons why it failed. Just to what, save their skin?

Right now, if those are really disappointed, I would suggest that they write to their congressmen or representatives IN THE SENATE, and clearly tell them that they have made a mistake in this bill. Now with this: their jobs will be on the line! The old saying goes, “elections have consequences”. Well that is a given because it is what it was. President Obama said it was Round One for this, but for a round 2 might get those who said no, out of a job!


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