Milwaukee celebrates 4/14 as “Milwaukee Day” plus the Journal Sentinel will document jobs

Posted: April 14, 2013 in #TwitterShare, African American Stories and Viewpoints, Life, Local, Local News and Politics, Milwaukee African American Commentary
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Let me begin this blog with a greeting: Happy 4/14 Day Milwaukee.

For those outside of Milwaukee, the city has this concept of April 14th. Or 4/14. No matter what were doing on this day, it had some Milwaukee relations to it in terms of something meaningful in which the word pride would come to mind. On Instagram, there was #414day #414proud and I’m assuming that might spread out to Facebook or other form of Social Media effects.

Now what do folks do on Milwaukee Day? Well that’s up to those who plan parties and events. Today’s Milwaukee Day for me was on a Sunday, so my butt was in church. Yeah, I had to go. But my church’s worship service was in a Milwaukee County Park. So technically this was the first “Milwaukee Day” Church service for my church in a Milwaukee County Park. Even Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele gave Proclamations on this day in Proclaiming “Milwaukee Day” or “Milwaukee County Day” in this new unofficial holiday for the City and County.

Word is that this day was all about pride for the city. Pride in who we are. And pride in what Milwaukeeans should do. However, when you are proclaimed to be the most segregated city in the nation, and the job opportunities are not appearing to be “fair and well,” you question alot about the pride stuff about the city’s image. Often times on this blog, and previously on the old MyFox Milwaukee Blogs I had to criticize the city. Even though I wasn’t trying to disrespect the city, but I had to come out swinging. And to this day, I will come out swinging. In terms of getting the truth out in terms of folks who don’t want to admit. Yes I will admit, Milwaukee needs work. In education, jobs, infrastructure, economic status and many other barriers and blunders the city needs to get over and collectively resolve! But not being by Lake Michigan isn’t bad either.

In the next couple of weeks and days, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will host 4 parts of the city’s concerns of being competitive, or having plans to get the city back on track with new ideas. Part one was featured today, entitled “A Time To Build”. The next three will focus areas of Ideas, Economic/Racism Barriers, future of entrepreneurship, and etc. Well  that’s the Journal Sentinel’s commentary. It’s benefiting that Part 1 of this dialogue would have to be on “Milwaukee Day”. Or 4/14 Day.

But in the mean time: I dug this up from Soundcloud. Something that has been lost and found in Milwaukee’s Hip Hop Community. Check out the mix-tape from the 80’s. Yes, Milwaukee had underground hip hop recordings of the early sound of the game, unearthed for this “Milwaukee Day” Celebration.


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