We have never invested in much in public education as we should have. your kid is yours and totally your responsible. We haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children. So part of it is we have to breakthrough the private idea that kids belong to their parents and recognize that kids belong to whole communities. Once it’s everybody’s responsibility and not just the households, then we start making better investments.  – Melissa Harris-Perry

Like many of you, or most of you, I was glued into the Melissa Harris-Perry Show today, and no question, she came out of the gate in response to her ad that had real talk, and also making the conservative crazies getting that haterade. Oh yeah, they were hating. Rush, Hannity, Michelle Malkin, all of them were just hating an old school saying that most forgot in a Afircan-related sense. It take a Village. I had to wake up with the Melissa’s MSNBC Facebook Page, and usually there were those who came in defense with what Melissa had to say. However, there were folks show their true ignorance, there true American colors of hate, just because their Fox News counterpart fans had that spin in order to get their so-called Marxist, Socialist  Communist ridiculous babble in reaction to Melissa’s point of view. Oh wait we can’t use point of view no more? That ad was Melissa’s Point of View. And plus it was real talk!

The phrase, “It takes a village” not only made a household name in the 1990’s by Hillary Clinton, but in the African-American Community it was slogan in which the households took like a bible verse.  Or should I say, a well known bible verse that everyone knows like John 3:16. And believe it or not, back in 2000, Colin Powell acknowledged his remarks about collective responsibility. Guess where: The Republican National Convention. Look it up.

Or if you were watching MHP this morning you should know. And I’ll bet the googling will start just for so-called clarification.  Feed your brain!  Or when George W. Bush had mentioned the idea of No Child shouldn’t be left behind, which also drove the thought of the No Child Left Behind Act. Which it was pushed through. Now many of you probably are asking after reading my previous blog, and I know that it’s a very interesting question to ask: Why would I jump on this? You’re probably also saying, you don’t have kids. You’re a single black man that works and volunteers in your community.

Let me tell you a real story in regarding Collective Responsibility that I know.

In the summer of 2011, I received a private facebook message chat from one of my female  friends from high school in Milwaukee. At the time, she was facing unemployment, and local shelter to reside in which she couldn’t buy school supplies for her kids. She notified her other Facebook Friends the same day. But when it got to me, I had to call the person whom I know personally. I went to my church the next day and got the school supplies. I went to my bank account, got some money and went to Walmart, and Walgreens all to get school supplies for my former classmates’ kids. The weakest answer would have been no, but I had to do it. We talk about Collective Responsibility, but my training for that started in the Church! It also began in the house. Do you see the pattern? This is what I’m talking about.

Was it a “Marxist” thing? NO.

Was it a “Socialist” reaction? NO.

Was it “Communist” in decision? NO.

Oh, I know the other guys probably had this in their upbringings BUT WON’T express it!

It wasn’t any of those things. Or should I say any of those so-called ridiculous babble in this era of Obama. Come to think, when President Obama got the chair TWICE, I noticed this so called babble came along about him being this Marxist. Or being that Socialist. Or being Communist. What is this, the early Soviet Union? Please. The only thing that is labeled Marxist, Socialist, or Communist: to me, it’s the right wing media/tea party that fails to understand the point of the truth. Sort of like the folks who comment on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s articles in which Eugene Kane or James Causey put up. Don’t get me started on that. Everytime I see those comments, in a vile manner, I usually want to vomit.

Moving forward, remember that sweater that Melissa wore in the ad, check this out: she is donating it to the Children’s Defense Fund on Ebay. Not kidding. Another reason to make the Conservative Media spin until the hair falls out. Love it!

So to close: Defense wins championships. And in the case of Melissa Harris-Perry’s ad I think has begun to defend even more. And also, just to add, the Collective Responsibility portions is EVERYONE’s Responsibility. In other words, it’s another job that you don’t get paid for. Just looking out for your neighborhoods, or your elderly folks. Taking folks to the Election Polls, or making sure your kids are safe by the teachers or school security. Again: collective responsibility. It’s not that hard nor difficult to spin.


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