Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge will get a LED Makeover. Ok……….

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Local, Local News and Politics, Organizations, Reflections, Technology
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The Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

The Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally a piece of Milwaukee’s Infrastructure will get a make over. And probably show out in a sense of showing off.

Today, the Wisconsin DOT  unveiled a concept in which will be apart of the Lakefront Construction Project in which the well known Hoan Bridge will be upgraded. Of course that the legendary bridge that most of us Milwaukeeans or Wisconsinites know very well had it’s problems and concerns, but alas: in addition to most recent news about the bridge being apart the reconstruction, it will get new features on the sides with LED Lights.

What you just read it’s going to happen. The Hoan Bridge will get a LED Makeover courtesy of the state, in which the lights will be used for Holidays, Events, and additional special events or occasions. For example: yes, I might see a blue effect for Autism Awareness, or Red to recognize Heart Disease or Aids Awareness. Or for holidays: either red/green for Christmas, or Green for St. Patrick’s Day.

So if this a upgrade for Milwaukee to get moving more into the 21st century instead of being “a Tail End City”, like I’ve been rapping about in the last few years, like a babbling sailor in a sense of NO Sensitivity, then it could be a start. Maybe.

BizTimes: Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin Business News | BizTimes.

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