A diagram of the Wisconsin Job Growth shown in comparison between before and and after Scott Walker took office.

There is a phrase in the Hip Hop Community about being aware about the things going on: “Don’t Sleep.” Exactly that is what Governor Scott Walker is currently doing. Sleeping. If any Wisconsinite that hasn’t been paying attention that is a fan of his: WAKE THE “F” UP!

Wisconsin Democrats like Peter Barca and Sen. Lena Taylor have warned us with the phrase: Its not working. They’re right. It’s not working. In a open opinion article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Website, the author Jack Norman stated that in some clues that we’ve been knowing all along in the 2 1/2 year reign of this “reform governor” that the job situation is failing. Even though that part of the chart was a positive sign, but the rest has been mostly negative.

What led to this? Let’s review some of the pointers:

For example, Walker’s Act 10, which took effect in July 2011, sharply reduced the take-home pay for almost all of the state’s 350,000 public employees. A typical state employee earning $50,000 lost $4,228 in take-home pay, according to the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. That’s money drained out of the state’s economy.

Not all public employees were hit equally. Some were already paying more than the typical state employee for health insurance and/or pensions. Some had the cutbacks delayed because of details in their labor contracts.

Another sample:

Further, Walker’s budget cut spending in many areas, especially education. Cuts in state aid for local government led to lower spending at the county, municipal and school district level.

There were also missed opportunities, such as the nearly $1 billion in federal money that would have been used to improve rail transit in the state. Walker turned it down.

Does this seem a bit weird here? Take it from a person who wants to put 250,000 private sector jobs in the state. And I’ll bet most of that won’t even cross the Milwaukee County line. Morely into the urban/inner city areas in Milwaukee. About the rail: I’ve been saying it for about 2 years that Wisconsin had made THE WORST mistake of not taking the rail money to link Milwaukee and Madison along with the Midwest. The opponents called it a so-called boondoggle in which it might never work. Really?!! The only thing that working is the freaking talking. And I mentioned that a hidden reason partially might be to race. I’ll bet when the trains were being built in the inner city, near 27th and Townsend in Milwaukee, there might have been some who felt that they don’t want to see the trains or those people near my this or near my that. Hey Red Counties, I’m talking to you! This state I’m sad to say, is really becoming more behind than the three rose bowl losses to TCU, Oregon and Stanford. All because of past, present, and I dare say future absent minded political opinions.  And here we are again: Where are the jobs? Plus also the jobs: Scott Walker wanted to have 250,000 private sector jobs in his first term. Right now according to the Department of  Workforce Development: There are approximately, 42,012 jobs in the state. But wait, how much more would those jobs be if he were to meet that goal:  207,988.

Now take this: in his four years, Walker would need to net 62,500 a year to get to the 250,000. Right now, he’s sleeping on the numbers. At the end of last year, he should have raked in an additional  20,000+ jobs just to keep afloat. Once again: Sleeping.  And the Act 10 thing costed Wisconsin folks over $800,000. And I have to digress that the Unions who didn’t back Walker are not at fault.  Getting back to the jobs again, word that Caterpillar, one of the best mining companies around is dropping jobs from the Greater Milwaukee Area. And I’ll bet that those jobs are going to move farther away from Milwaukee to areas that are not reachable by Milwaukee County Transit Bus. Shameful.

Now many of those outside of Wisconsin are deeply aware about Scott Walker. The Republicans hailed him as a hero. Shut up! He is not a hero. More and more each time, more crap spews out of the mouth of those who really like him. Also, this is really aggravating, 36% of the union households in Wisconsin backed Walker during the election of 2010. When he ran against Tom Barrett for that and the Recall there were claims that the Recall didn’t do much. No, there weren’t many folks who voted to get this dude out of Madison! Again, elections have consequences. Not only Walker beat Barrett, he also ran against Milwaukee. The very same Milwaukee he said in his own words that “We don’t want to be like Milwaukee”. Excuse me but Who is we? And also, We who? Those code words are crafting like Miller Lite.

And note, Scott Walker is coming out with a book called “Unintimiated”. His story about the rise to power. And a former writer of George W. Bush, is going to preface the novel. Can I get a pass to the bathroom please? Many are getting the hints that when he writes a book like that, he is hinting about a run for the White House. I’m sorry but America, when 2016 comes, and if Walker is running for the Presidency by then, make him lose. Please! I would rather see per say, Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden  in the White House than Scott Walker. I think many here in the Greater Milwaukee Area, Particularly African-American who haven’t been to Ashland, Superior or any other County that never seen black folks from Milwaukee in person, or present a side in which Walker is evil, then it should happen!

Henceforth: Don’t Sleep.

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