I read this article on the Rethink Church website back in 2011. It was about Lil’ Jon who was featured on Celebrity Apprentice in which he donated to the cause of the United Methodist Children’s Services in Atlanta. Usually lots of folks who disregard rappers with the lyrics and record sales but for this, it’s very important than getting a deal at the studio. Now I read the article on the website, and usually like everyone else the comments were positive, except one: All had to do with a judgement factor just because of the content the Lil’ Jon used in his songs. And judgment day is coming?

Let me say this as a 4th Generation member of my United Methodist Church: That’s a load of B.S.

So you mean to tell me that a rap artist like Lil’ Jon can’t give back to his hometown, and those like let’s say the Gospel group The Sheards can? Give me a break. I think most Christians need to stop hating! Even if they are United Methodist Related. I’m going there! Because all I see is just false judgment on someone that wants to give back bigger than music in a nice way, but here comes along with some or someone related like this “Julie” person in the article who wants to pass judgment. Newsflash: No one is not God. And even though that the teachings of John Wesley still have to be reached in a good sense, we still have to be resourceful about the teachings and lessons of Jesus Christ! Can I get a witness up in here?

Screw the freaking preaching. I’m here to prosper.

Currently Master P, with his son Lil’ Romeo and daughter Cymphonique, appears in the ICDC College commercials   Hold up, wait a minute. There was a time when Master P used explicit lyrics in his music, and still he gave back! The No Limit Soldiers still remain on point. Where was the outrage from that? Here in Milwaukee, Local DJ Homer Blow uses his explicit liberties on his internet show, Blowradio.com, but did you know that he give back every year in June, in reference with hosting his Annual Birthday Party for the Kids? That’s right non-black Milwaukeeans and non-believers! Homer Blow gives back. Now I haven’t been to a Birthday Party for the Kids Event, but I see what he’s doing. Even if it’s doing stage shows at African World Festival for local talent. And because of his knowledge, and experience in Radio, WNOV is back on the air in Milwaukee.

Plus, more recently: Jay-Z. Now I want the so-called Illuminati folks to stop yapping for one single minute. Already, he invested in the Brooklyn Nets Basketball Team, and now, his “Roc Nation” label has expanded to the sports area. Already some players like Victor Cruz, and Robinson Cano have jumped aboard. Plus also I know some have been blowing up online about this question about the jobs he may have. Go ahead. Ask him. Ask his folks. Ask the representatives. Google it. Go online. Plus also, I dare to ask: Even though he uses explicit language which is well documented, BUT he’s doing some positive stuff other than making music. Speaking of which, can some imagine if some well-known Milwaukee DJ’s could invest in drafting Brandon Jennings, Randall Cobb, or Rickie Weeks to a local urban Milwaukee label? By the way the Milwaukee Bucks are playoff bound.

So I don’t what the deal is. I mean dang, just because someone that used to or currently uses explicit language but does good for the people, I don’t judge. Just like in the bible in which it says: according to Matthew 7:1 – Judge NOT lest ye be Judged!

Remember that bible-thumping folks! No matter if you are Rethinking Church, or just making a useless comment that is one sided. Now put that in a Sunday Sermon or a Bible Study.


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