Scandals and Deceptions: Why my TV has been boosted for African-American viewership.

Posted: April 6, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Entertainment, My Special Commentary, TV
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Kerry Washington at Hollywood Life Magazine’s ...

Kerry Washington at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK WordPress: I have a confession as a African-American Male: I like Scandal and Deception.

I’m breaking out my favorite things right now. It’s Thursday night. And I’m on Twitter shortly before 9:00 (CST) and I’m typing the words @ScandalABC! @ScandalABC! @ScandalABC! Right now! What that means is really SCANDAL! SCANDAL! SCANDAL! Now, for you young bloggers are probably asking, where did I came up with that? Ever heard of the phrase: SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! coming out of radio or TV? That’s where I draw it from. No question I’ve seen Kerry Washington act in on the big screen like Lakeview Terrace. But since she’s been on Scandal, I’ve been hooked. I haven’t been hooked like this since Martin was on Fox way back on Thursday nights. Plus also Kerry was a supporter for President Barack Obama’s campaign throughout 2012.

Some facts about the show that most should know according to Melissa Harris Perry:

  • Scandal is the first network drama with a black lead actress since 1974.
  • It’s based on real life DC “fixer” Judy Smith.

Also Kerry is the first black actress since Diahann Carroll made her debut. If you don’t know who Diahann Carroll is, you better start studying!

Every Thursday night, most of us Tweet during the show of what’s going on. Soon-to-be former CNN Analyst and current host of TVOne’s Washington Watch Roland Martin tweets during the shows. Oh, he’s a fan. No matter if it’s his commentary, or his made up playlist of songs that deals with the angles, it keeps the conversation in cyberspace going. This is the same Roland Martin that likes to tweet about his favorite team, the Houston Texans. Now, like Roland and many others, I too tweet  during the show, and from two week ago, I was hashtaging #gladiatorsvsassassins or #Gladiators to express my favorite interest in the show. Call it over-hyped all the folks want, but Scandal is a keeper. No question when I bought the first season on DVD, I had no idea that I would be buying a piece of history in the making. Again despite of the TV14 or TVMA rating it carries (mostly TV14) Scandal continues to push the envelope to keep viewers (mostly African-American) engaged. Currently, it’s on hiatus for three weeks, but the re-runs might be useful for those who want to catch up and see what the hub bub is all about.  Sort of like True Blood. (Wait for the summer. All I can say.)  Another thing to say about Scandal, even though is centered around Political Thriller of a President that is in “different angles” or a soon to be victim that is caught with a web of lies and deceit  the show have been good through rave reviews. So in contrast, it’s a keeper!

Speaking of that, just this year, another show had appeared that is similar to Scandal but it’s not really Scandal: Deception. Ever heard of Meagan Good? Laz Alonso? They are the two leading African-American actors in this show. It comes on NBC on Monday nights during the winter, in which I confess that puts a damper on my Monday Night Wrestling watching. BUT thanks to the Internet, I’m watching the show on Tuesdays to catch up. Now for the plot if those forgotten, the show centers around a recent murder in which Meagan’s character, Detective Joanna Locasto, investigates the murder of her childhood friend, Vivian Bowers. The plot over the 11 shows really picked up to keep the viewers (either regular TV or online) interesting to see what happens next. It’s a good show. No question the plot still thickens. And usually I do tweet about the show just for catch up reasons. Even though it’s not on the same page as Scandal, but I think it has potential to unleash new ideas to say, OK Deception is catching up! What’s next?

For these shows catching my eye of interest, I think they really put a score against each other. No matter which side or show you like, I believe they are both worth watching.

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  2. StephenM1276 says:

    FYI: The season finale for Scandal’s season 2 is on May 16th, 2013. And from what I hear, it might be one of those “off the charts”. Watch and see.

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