Not Suprised. I told you Milwaukee is behind on fashion and needs SWAG!

Posted: April 4, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Fashion, Life, Local News and Politics, Milwaukee African American Commentary
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I really had to laugh at the WITI Fox-6 Facebook Page the other day. They have attached an article about Milwaukee making the list of being one of the worst cities that deals with fashion.  Yep. You don’t see too many Gator shoes around the Brew City. Except in the black churches. Many years ago, I wrote about Milwaukee being a “tail-end” city, and guess what, fashion was on the list way back. Along with transportation, etc. But for fashion? Not surprised. That was around 2007. But the laughing part of their Facebook page had the folks talking. Some got all “extremely sensitive” ranging from beer guts to sagging pants. Really, Milwaukee? And to those who commented on the page, I got these words to say since 2007: I TOLD YOU SO! See this is why Milwaukee, or should I say the Greater Milwaukee Area, probably chimed in and expressed their liberties. And this is what I think that the area is similar being behind on Transportation, Jobs ( I mean that ranking of being 44th in the nation is not working) and many other things that the area is gearing towards the bottom. Oh yeah Milwaukee is good when Summerfest is in effect. Expect LL Cool J to attend. Or if you like Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Milwaukee is the spot where folks from various countries and cities come to celebrate Harley-Davidson’s Birthday every 5 years. For those who are the readers of my blog and ride Harleys, expect your tickets punched, motorcycles gased up, and ride along our streets in late August. I’ll be blogging on that by then.

What Milwaukee needs is a must needed SWAG! No not dressing up like Vince Lombardi for a Packers Game or getting semi-Pimpish at a downtown night spot. If you go to other cities, they are up on fashion. All the time! According to the list, Milwaukee is listed at #9, and the number one on the list: Wichita, Kansas. If  it’s just me, maybe some of us fashion gurus in Milwaukee need to study up. Really. Don’t worry about the spending spending spending stuff, unemployment, yet. I mean folks can volunteer and actually study without a degree and lead up to a degree. And speaking of that: JOBS!

Read the Fox 6 Milwaukee story about the subject,  and also read the Motovto Blog about “Where Fashion Dies”.


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