Beyonce (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

I’m sure that everyone by now, probably on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, or a explicit but always enlightening radio show online has heard the new Beyonce Song, “Bow Down”. If that song is not on your playlist you may want to hold the accept button before downloading or going onto the website. Beyonce’s new song “Bow Down” has really sparked surprises in which the lyrics were used “Bow Down B***tches.” I’m keeping it clean for those under 18. This song when I heard it on, yep they played the entire song on the site, I’m thinking like, what is Beyonce on?!! What is she thinking?!! I’m mean really, the mother of Blue Ivy, and wife of Jay-Z (get that illuminanti crap of the gutters please, thank you!) is saying this bow down b***tches lyrics and also using it with her H-Town fam. “H-Town” is for Houston, Texas where she is from. I get it. However since the song has got to the preliminary stuff of seeing it being a reaction, now it comes to asking, what message is Beyonce is sending? Really what message is she sending? Now normally if I had daughters who like Beyonce, and they were talking about the new song per say, I would listen to it first. Not them. And make a executive decision of them listening to Dangerously in Love or B-Day. But bow down? Really?! No.  This is the same person who sang at the President’s Inauguration, the Super Bowl, teaching women to be Independent, and having the Girls to run the world. OK I get it. But for that song, save it for the grown folks who get it.

Now I have to say that this is not the first time that I’ve heard explicit like lyrics from “squeaky clean” artists. I mean the late Michael Jackson used it in is HIStory Album song, “This Time Around” in which he used the lyrics, “I’m not taking no Sh**.” I am not kidding. Or from the same album, when he and Janet Jackson did “Scream” one of the lyrics he busted out saying “Stop F***ing with me!” in his protest of the media of talking smack about him. Janet Jackson used in them in her Albums “All for you”, “The Velvet Rope”,  and “Damita Jo” which all had explicit content on them. Many of you probably got Jennifer Lopez in the collection. Her second album “J.LO” had a song called “Play” or Play My Song, in which she used the lyrics “Just play my F***ing song!” But the version in which we the consumer faithful thought was clean didn’t realize that it should have been labeled explicit. So yes, I’ve seen that before. Artists who come out with songs which everyone might catch on, might have some surprises. Some say they aren’t really “Clean Versions.” It’s all the same. So I’m thinking that all or most of the versions of Amended, Clean or Edited could be different based on the lyrics. But the concept could be the same in terms of it.  I don’t know. By the way, since Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” is making waves, there is a “explicit version”, and a “radio edit” with Jay-Z. Just a thought.


beyonce.complex2.mp3waxx (Photo credit:

Now I know that radio folks who might say, “Ok I get it. Beyonce said “Bow Down B***thes” is just as worst as Lil’ Wayne who mentioned Emmitt Til in his rap lyric that got the family upset.” We know. But here’s something: long time ago, Miles Davis had a Jazz Album in 1970 called “B**ches Brew”. Look it up. Now, I have to ask those going against Beyonce in terms of her lyrics, where was the outrage on that? I’m just saying. When Michael Jackson had a song on HIStory, it was called They Don’t Care About Us”. Remember when he had the lyrics (forgive me for saying this): “Jew Me, Sue Me, Kick Me, Kike Me”. He was judged for that. And he made an apology for it. But I think that Michael shouldn’t got the shaft all because he went off with the Anti-Semitic lyrics. Note: this was 1995. But up until his death, he was still liked in a nostalgic way. Oh, and Prince. Everyone remembers the album from the Purple Rain Soundtrack, and yes the song “Darling Nikki” was mentioned and well, that started the birth of those “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics” tags you see now. They have been in effect since the mid 1980’s.

So all of this, really it’s nothing new. It’s been done before. Also, if I were a Rush Limbaugh fan, I wouldn’t  make this an issue of politics. Jeez!


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