44. A number that Wisconsin must not be stupid to lay on. And plus 10 years of “Mission Accomplished”. NOT!

Posted: March 19, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Commentary by all means, Milwaukee African American Commentary, My Special Commentary

I’m about to go in yet again on Wisconsin. If any Wisconsinite is or was reading the papers this morning, we are ranked number 44 in job growth. NOT A GOOD LOOK! And were supposed to be proud of this? Seriously. We know the reasons. Now I know that lot of us are going to blame or stake claim on Jim Doyle’s head for this. But here’s something that  should be noted on the positive side of this and it concerns the former Governor. When Jim Doyle was in his last term, Wisconsin was ranked near number 30 when it came to jobs.  Pay attention Scott Walker Folks. Number 30. Plus also, way before that, Wisconsin was ranked  number 11! I can’t imagine that a state that had much to offer in America is actually falling behind with stuff likes this. Matter of fact, that doesn’t surprise me. I always said that Wisconsin is a “tail end” state. I’ve been saying it for the last 2 years. Matter of fact I’ve said it for the that last 2 or more years in a different way. But for this, you shouldn’t be proud of this at all. And this guy has a hypothesis of running for President. He might run, but not get very far.

I dare ask. Is Wisconsin REALLY OPEN for Business? Yeah I asked it. When you’re ranked 44 in terms with jobs, that I say again is NOT A GOOD LOOK! I hear the questions constantly, Where are the jobs? Or I can hear this: “Hey Wisconsin, how’s that 44th job rank working for ya?” Or “Hey Wisconsin, how’s that open for business slogan working for ya?” If anyone is real Wisconsinite and you look at the numbers without any political commentary, you know that is a bad deal.

Speaking of bad deals, today is the 10th Anniversary of the U.S. Invading Iraq. Yes. It has been 10 years. I’m going to say this as an U.S. Citizen. In my opinion, and my justified manner, we had no business going into Iraq AT ALL! Period. It’s almost the same about Vietnam. But that’s another story. We had to have this guilt in order to say that it was well, Mission Accomplished. Well it wasn’t. Seeing George W. Bush on that Aircraft Carrier with the big banner of “Mission Accomplished” is down right disrespectful. 10 years. So what did Iraq had to do with 9/11? I’m just asking Americans. What? Toward the end of the war, it turns out we Americans have spend over trillion of dollars of our money in this bungled war. And many lives were killed. We know this. Hey, even Bill Maher knows this. Yep, that Huburis segment will come up very shortly on MSNBC,  about the truth behind this. The Bush II Administration will always be responsible for enforcing it.

Now what does that have to do with the job category with Wisconsin? Two different parallels of not doing things right before your people. They say it’s a sort of a good thing, but that good thing is not.


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