Is Motor Club of America a REAL legit company? I’ve been reading about this work at home program.

Posted: March 16, 2013 in #TwitterShare, Decision Factors, Editorial, Summaries
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This has come to my attention. I’ve been reading about this company called Motor Club of America. I’ve been on the YouTube Videos on how the folks are making money in terms of the Memberships. And other components. From what I have researched, this company, has been around since 1926 in dealing with Road Side Assistance. Now, I’ve seen the advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, maybe Google Plus and others, and the customers are seeing money flashing left and right. Also, I’ve been hearing that the company is one of those scam companies or those Pyramid Scheme companies that those would tell you to watch out for. Plus I’ve seen their advertisements on their website.

Now I want ask those here on WordPress (if any), is this company, Motor Club of America a legit company? I’m just asking. What are the advantages of reaching your audiences? Has anyone close to you tried this and have been successful? It’s a yea or nay question. Also, if those in the Greater Milwaukee Area, that use MCA, same questions. They say that Motor Club of America is similar to AAA. Now I want to know is, what does Motor Club of America have that AAA doesn’t have? And has it been screened by the Federal Government? The reason I brought these questions because there might be some folks who are peeking in to this, and they might have questions!

No question that referrals are a given for anything. But however,  more information is required.





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