Check this. I’m reading all this mess about the First African-American NASCAR Driver Tia Norfleet. Yes, read that again: First African-American Female NASCAR Driver. Word is in the so-called media that she’s rumored to be a fake driver that didn’t qualify for her NASCAR License. Or didn’t get in on a race to be qualified enough. Now I don’t know what this is, but I think it’s all about hating on her just because the HATERS is doing the backtalk, and I’l bet that the backtalk is full of racism. They say she’s a fraud. Some folks on Facebook, and other media outlets called her a fraud, a fake, or Norfake. Really? To those who like to smear talk that mess, where is the proof that she’s a fake? It’s quite obvious that they don’t have enough proof to back up the story. There are those who probably say “Oh, I read it on this such and such website.” Even the Internet can be real dumb at times, in terms of those who use it for dumb things like labeling all African-Americans as n-words, can’t mount to anything, and lazy and can’t get a job. Or like to talk smack against African-Americans doing good things and being shot down by those who have the noses turned up like a noose. Basically, it’s really old and revolving news. That would be like hating on President Obama everything from calling him a socialist, to the N-Word, and many other things. I’ll bet he gets a whole lot of those who still feel that African-Americans or folks of color have no business being a leader,  nor being in the White House for a any term. Just as a reminder, Black Folks we BUILT the White House. And to those who are still wondering, he IS NOT a dictator. Don’t worry WordPress, my Obama Defense Blog is coming.

Techniclly what happened with Tia Norfleet isn’t new. Matter of fact, it all started in 2010. Folks have been hating on folks like her and I dare say men having some similarities, for a long time. They say that America is in the “Post Racial” era. I call B.S. on that. If that’s the case, why is this happening. There are those of us in America who don’t get it. Sort of like that “so-called New Harlem Shake.” I’ll bet those who like that fake version never really got the history of the dance of it’s origination. I’m not from New York, but I saw the original Harlem Shake displayed in 2001. Yeah, thanks to Diddy. But the original Harlem Shake goes back to the 1980’s. So when I hear folks who say “oh it’s just a dance”, one word of advice: watch your mouth. What I’ve heard from the Harlem folks that they take pride in that dance. What is wrong with that? Or check this: The Star Spangled Banner. It’s a just a song. Let me watch my mouth! I know there are those “Overly-Patriotic” Americans who like to hear it and if they hear one wrong lyric, they might bust out saying “that’s an insult to our fighting men and women in uniform.” I’ll bet those who say that, don’t really mean it. Nothing but a scare tatic. And plus, how is that an insult? Go figure. Take Anastacia for example. In 2002 here in Milwaukee at Miller Park, she was on deck for the singing of the National Anthem. She sung it before the All-Star Game began but there were words mixed up. Lots of folks in the Journal Sentinel and ONLINE took offense that she sung some of words wrong and they claimed her as an international star that didn’t know squat about America’s theme song and having the insult to America’s Military Speech to form. BUT HERE’s the KICKER! She is from Chicago!  And guess what AMERICANS? Many before had sung the Star Spangled Banner, and there were some who sung it good and bad. The ones who sung it bad, always get the hot seat and get chastised. Well for those who like to chastise those who flub the Banner, why don’t they get up infront of everyone and show us how is done?!  But they won’t.

There are those “Americans” that really need to have their heads examined. Like Tia Norfleet or not, she is making an impact. Even in a sport like NASCAR. If I had one advice for her, it would simply be this: KEEP DRIVING! The more she drives, the more the haters can kick rocks. Plain and simple.


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