Part 4 of the 1290 Change: The shop must stay open for Milwaukee African-American Dialogue.

Posted: March 6, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Local, Local News and Politics, Milwaukee African American Commentary, Organizations, Reflections

1290 WMCS Mural

It’s been a week since the 1290 changed from the conversation African American dialogue, to “going Elvis” in stunting surprising fashion, and now, it’s playing Frank Sinatra, Diane Krall, and Adele in a “Martini Style” fashion. Oh yes, that sting of the whirlwind of change in Milwaukee Radio hasn’t been very simple to get used to. It also hasn’t really sunk in. And furthermore, it really didn’t sink in to hear the lone black talk dialogue with WNOV in  a city like Milwaukee. Personally, I know that change is hard. It’s in a transition. But with stuff like this, it’s like trying to get over a funeral of a loved one or one that many knew by name or work. That is how I felt that about 1290. Or should I say the now “old 1290 WMCS”. Now if WNOV were to be gone off the radio like 1290, the game will be over for black talk radio in Milwaukee. Speaking of that, Sherwin Hughes (yes, I’m summarizing from him again) he spoke about that scenario this morning about that example. And plus about an example in which those like Charlie Sykes, Mark Belling and I dare say Vicki McKenna do not and will not support ANY African-American dialogue, issue, jobs, health, finance, economic status, the arts and gifts.  If you get a chance, take a listen. They do not care! Personally, I don’t listen to right wing radio. NEVER HAVE. Mainly 620AM WTMJ and 1130 WISN. The only time I do listen 620, in a non political sense, is when Wayne Larrirvee says “Now there is your……DAGGER!” during the Green Bay Packers football games. That’s it!

Now I’m reading the Shepherd Express, which is truly progressive here in Milwaukee. They published an article via their website about the change in Milwaukee Radio. The last line of the sentence in the article really had me: “The announcement helps correct Milwaukee’s longstanding problem of having too many black radio stations, and not enough radio stations that play Adele.” SAY WHAT???!!! Whoever is the dude that wrote the article, I’m going to comment by saying what you do mean that Milwaukee has too many black radio stations? IN HISTORY: The Milwaukee Black Radio Stations had or have these stations- WAWA, WMCS, WNOV, WLUM, WKKV, and JAMMIN’ 98.3.  So what. And the second part was that the stations didn’t play Adele. That to me needs to be re-examined. How many radio stations in Milwaukee wanted to play Adele on Kiss-FM? Or 94.5 The Lake? Or the Milwaukee stations that play light elevator music, but never got the chance? Putting the blame on Milwaukee’s black radio stations, is down right ridiculous. All because the stations don’t play Adele? Really? I find that not only ridiculous, but also find it funny of that there are some upcoming black artists that don’t get airplay on their stations also. Especially with those who say, “Milwaukee is a hater when it comes to homegrown talent.” However, DOES (for those in the Hip Hop/Rap game) play songs and might put them in rotation. But yes, you might hear Usher or Rihanna on 106.9 which is the “Energy” Station, just as V100 and 98.3. And formally, 106.9 used to play “Big Buck Country”.  Really they did.

Yesterday, Eugene Kane wrote about “The void in Black Talk Radio” in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In the story, he reflected on his commentary of the station, based on the views from Eric Von. In a true comment about 1290, he highlighted a line that was well presentable: “It was a place where African-Americans felt comfortable,” said Von. “There’s really nowhere else (on radio).” To me, 1290 was like our own black country club. In a radio kind of sense. What ever it was on topic that WTMJ didn’t talk about about or WISN Radio refused to comment, 1290 put that on paper on discussion. We’ve heard them all. Now about those comments. When Eugene Kane writes about things that African-American related, there always that one or few commentators  who always got to say “Why does he have to include race?” Or the one comment that got me about “never hearing MLK or Rosa Parks saying that”. Do these folks who despise Kane’s writings  actually live here? They talk about race-baiting. Well I think these commentators who go on JSOnline on his and James Causey’s articles about anything that is African-American related and types in stuff likes that, is highly delusional. And REAL TALK: None of these moronic fools don’t know MLK’s Messages about peace and brotherhood if it’s a higher belief. And plus, if they like Dr. King so much,what have they done to help to try to maintain King’s Dream? And that statue in DC, have they donated? Have they donated when I getting my MLK Scholarships for College here in Milwaukee? What about that?!

Things that make
you go hmmmmmm………….

And as usual, they had the nerve to say, “well you can thank your emperor for this” speech. That emperor they are talking about is President Obama. Really? Another so-called “blame it on Obama” stuff that is meaningless. (By the way , I got more Defense for Obama news coming up) When Hot 102 was gone back in the 1990’s, in place of new material, was the blame being put on Bill Clinton? No. Or when the jobs were being shipped overseas, leaving Milwaukee and other cities in the Midwest being in the “Rustbelt’, was George W. Bush to blame? I’m going to say yes on that. And to top it off, the commentators think that Black Talk Radio in Milwaukee is liberal radio. In my view, not quite. Never was. Did the black talk radio stations had democratic viewpoints that the Milwaukee Right-Wing folks didn’t talk about? Again, yes. Did the black radio stations had republicans fans or those republican related ever went on 1290? Yes.

This is the type of thing that the tone of negativity here in the Milwaukee Area, is part worst. ”Oh, Milwaukee has too many black radio stations.” Oh, Stop it! Slam the casket shut and put it in the crypt.  I’ll bet other cities, ( larger cities mind you) probably have more black radio stations than Milwaukee, than Madison, than Green Bay, and others. Maybe the folks who made the announcement, kind of jumped the gun. I will hypothesize that the comment was just total nonsense. WNOV as of right now, is the last stand. But for how long? Until something else comes along for and by the black community in Milwaukee, I hope that won’t be the last. Whether you agree or disagree with Sherwin Hughes, like he says: “Where else you are going to go?” Just saying. For the record, I’ve been saying hypothesize since 1988 as a sixth grader. Never goes away.

Next week in Milwaukee, if those are interested, there will be a meeting at the Milwaukee Brotherhood of Firefighters on March 11th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. This event is being presented by Soul Purpose Wisconsin, in which will be an appreciation of the station has brought to the community and also a panel of discussion. (For those who are on Facebook you might want to do a search on there) It is also posted on one of the Milwaukee Meetup websites. Also for your online viewing interest if possible, a petition is being passed around online in order to restore the voices and format that the station once had. Even though it may not bring back 1290 WMCS in general, but it might relaunch something of potential interest. If I think would generate those in the Minority Community of African Decent!


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