So The Onion crosses the line with Quvenzhané Wallis, then takes it off via Twitter.

Posted: February 25, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Decision Factors, Editorial
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I’m sure everyone caught the attention of a young actress on the rise: Quvenzhané Wallis. Get used to that name. And if you’re African-American, you better get used to that name like Kerry Washington and Halle Berry. I’m thinking that she has a great potential to make it in the acting game in her endeavors. No,  I didn’t see her movie “Beasts of the Southern Wild” but if I get a chance, I will see it. I don’t think she is ashamed leaving without an Oscar last night.

However, speaking of being ashamed. I want to direct my attention to The Onion. That fake news publication that likes to crack jokes and make a killing of free publications of the weird. Many of you don’t know this back in my “Technical College” days in Milwaukee, I used to pick up a copy of The Onion along with another paper, The Shepherd Express. And I did mention that The Onion was housed it’s headquarters in Wisconsin? That’s a fact before moving to the East Coast. No question The Onion is one of those papers that likes to push the envelope or in this case, raise the bar of news. But last night the once newspaper that I liked to pick up in Milwaukee has really set their standards at a whole new low! Many of us were paying attention to Twitter, as does The Onion, in which they commented Quvenzhané Wallis with this sick tweet:

“Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is a real c**t, right?”

OK so The Onion pushed that?!? Really?!

Let the world be known that this is a 9 year old girl. 9 YEARS OLD! Who is gifted, black, young, has straight A’s in school, talented, has a good thought of purpose,  and most of all, is getting some praise. And she’s a kid. But along comes The Onion that wants to call her a c**t word  and make a big scene to get their names out. Well the biggest c**ts in this story is not young Quvenzhane. Its The Onion. This what happens when all that Freedom of Speech gets too far. Or in this case, when “Keeping it Real”, goes to far. If anyone is a fan of The Onion, better tell them to be responsible. Oh just today, at the time as I was writing this blog, The Onion apologized for their behavior and comments about an upcoming actress that they know nothing about. And I am speaking as a former fan reader of The Onion. Now some from The Onion might ask on this blog, “why did you stop reading our paper?” Three words: I moved on! But this was years ago. After The Onion moved out the Badger State, now question we still get the publication, but I seemed to read the Shepherd Express more than The Onion. Locally, The Shepherd Express keeps it real than The Onion. That’s right I said it! And they have been keeping it real since 1982.

Overall I know in today’s era, words like c**t get passed around like the N-word. And the B-word. And many words that are offensive to the LGBT and others. We know what they are. No need to go further. President Obama gave some advice about freedom: “Freedom comes with responsibility”.  Obviously, even though that has been tied to gun responsibility, but also PEOPLE RESPONSIBILITY  Not to many people don’t do that. Speaking of which, where’s Lil’ Wayne’s response about his apology of having to use Emmett Till’s name in Karate Chop? I mean L.A. Reid and Lil’ Wayne’s folks did the “I’m sorries”. But Lil’ Wayne himself needs to be held accountable. Brothers like him needs to man up and have a face-to-face conference with Emmett Till’s family. Or in this case, “a come to Jesus meeting.” Screw all his endorsements and those who follow him like a book. That’s right I said it! Even in Black History Month, we still have alot to learn, because we think we get it, but we don’t. Lots of folks who say “I’m going to end Black History Month” in different context is nothing more than talking. They are not going to do it! And they want to be together?! Being Americans in all?! I know for a fact that those who say that America is the land of the free, and home of the brave is a darn joke! If that’s the case, for example why are so many African-American getting disrespected in certain parts of the country, city, or I dare say the Towns/Suburbs all because of one thing: skin color! I got disrespected of that Wisconsinites! I went there. I was born in this country like the rest. Just saying. And I’m still embracing my slice of Americana with a topping of African Decent.

Technically with The Onion: If the The Onion is really apologetic, then let them. But however: If The Onion proves that they can  be positive without their side of satire, I challenge them to do supporting the local arts and theater for young children by volunteering their time! That is your punishment Onion folks! If you really care about the children and show some remorse, do some positive activities for the kids! And maybe that way, no dumb tweets will not be shown for stupidity!

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