Just recently, I stumbled onto a story that needs to ask this question: Are we still living in a post racial society? I’m going to say NO!

In today there was a story that a Nurse was discriminated all because she’s black. Yep. A black nurse, Tonya Battle in Michigan was discriminated because of her duties of caring for a child. And the person making the liberty, per say is white and has a swastika symbol on his skin. I beg the question again because all what I remember what Ann Coulter said in asking where are the real racists? Um……..Hey Ann try this story. Get out chick. I have to ask the question: Have I had nurses who were Black, White, Latino and others that game me the care and advice for my health needs and concerns? Yes. And I’m African-American. When I look for doctors, or selecting doctors, I don’t really care about the ethnicity. Maybe in a sense of connection. But the bottom line of this of me asking the question: Is he or she good? Despite of the credentials and degrees, is the person good? That’s basically it.

Fortunately, this is why America needs to revisit the real reasons of Race. I know that those in other countries had probably  read this article and still saying, “same ol’ America. They talk about equality in their speeches and have this you are an American period crap.” Let me say in response: I know. “And they elected their first President of color twice.” No wonder the rest of the world looks down on us. Keep it up racists for making America look bad. All that “Tea-Party Don’t Tread on Me/No Blacks Allowed/Mess.” Speaking of that, those folks who act like that are just juvenile. Of course we know. And these same folks always got to dip in acting they know better than we do. This nurse in Michigan will get a win somehow. She has done nothing wrong in her 25 years of work. And plus I smell a Civil Rights issue. No need to go after Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton on this one.I know that is what most folks think. I can see the questions now: “Where’s the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons?” Uh-Huh. But if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were here, they would be on point in defense as usual like Jena 6. And since most of non-black America likes to talk smack about Jackson and Sharpton, don’t forget they also knew and marched with Dr. King. Research it Conservatives! And I need to ask: What took Mississippi so long to FINALLY took slavery out of their state?! Don’t get wrong, I got family and friends in the state.

This reminds me when I got a notice from Reed vs Dresser in 2010, in response to a job offer that I was turned away because of my color. I know this in Wisconsin. And at the time, before that, I was submitting a resume at a Career Fair in nearby Waukesha. That was it. I still talk about it because it’s an on-going issue. I am very lenient and careful about distributing my resume to a company or organization that does not have any interest in taking in applicants of African Decent. And no, I didn’t go NAACP after them. Companies should have established in their minds about not discriminating against anyone against race, creed, class, gender, and etc. But if they don’t retain those rules of their own, of course it will be brought up. No ifs, ands, or butts. Let that be a lesson to those in the corporate organizations, clinics, manufacturing,  and I dare say small businesses. And if you are non-profit, you better pray that does not happen! And I think that is one of the problems that most companies that are looking for workers the most! Other than experience, education, etc.

And this begs the question also: Let’s say if a person who has racism in his heart doesn’t have enough blood or running low on gas. And if the person did that and was black, how would that person feel about it? That’s how I see it with this scenario.


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