My Take: Michael Jordan turns 50 this week. Plus I have a bone to pick with the “Service Card” mess.

Posted: February 19, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Celebrations, Editorial, Legends of the Game, Sports
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English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan

English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past Sunday, as usual one of the best basketball players in the world turned another age: Michael Jordan. I can’t believe that the man with 6 NBA Championships and 2 Olympic Gold Medals turns the golden age of 50 years. And yes, celebrating 50 is special for anything. Without Michael Jordan and his influence on basketball, I will say this regardless: Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and those wearing the Air Jordan brand in the NBA wouldn’t even have a job! No, I don’t have a pair of Air Jordans, I wish a dude like me would, but I still respect the man as a great basketball player and a legend in the game. Hey kids, this is what a real basketball player looks like. Not some wannabees trying to make a point. Like many others, I too rooted for Jordan in his hey-day. Not when he was playing at North Carolina, but mostly as everyone else, playing for the Chicago Bulls when he was good. Of course he had his retirement moment after 1993 when his father was killed. But after baseball, he decided to back to the sport he loved: Basketball. And won more championships. Personally, I think Michael played the game for the love of it. Not because of his endorsements.

Now when I was reading the Michael Jordan at 50 stories on Yahoo, usually I don’t read the comments, but however I had to stumble on this: “If he’s so special, did he serve in the military?”  In a sarcastic manner. I have to say this: 1) No Michael didn’t serve in the military, but he is an active member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. If you never heard of this group, it is a black fraterntiy of the Divine 9 which also has members like Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner, Ray Lewis, Terrence J, AJ Calloway, Rickey Smiley, Langston Hughes, Count Basie, Earl Graves, Bill Cosby, and those who like to hate in a political stance: Rev. Jesse Jackson. So technically, Michael I think,  is still serving the people. In regarding this “Service Card”: America must stop with this crap! How come is it that when those of us asked we serve, it has to reflect the Military? That bothers me. I’ll bet that same question was asked about Mitt Romney last year about his service: As a Missionary! Just because he served as a missionary does not mean he’s part of that Service Card Military stuff. Personally, were all servants! We serve country, community, neighborhood, fraternities/sororities, churches, and many other serving needs of the people! That service card thing in my view is slap in the face of those who like me,  didn’t have a chance to serve in the Armed Forces, but are serving in other ways. It doesn’t have to be Military all the time! No I am not against the Military and those who wear the uniform. And I’m not against those who used to wear the uniform. Don’t get it twisted. I’m against this service card thing. And being in a Fraternity is not Service? Michael Jordan was pledged into the Omega Psi Phi since college, and still serving in a lifetime commitment! Where’s the service card on that?!


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