My Take: I vote Absentee. And you should also to avoid the long lines.

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Commentary by all means, My Special Commentary
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Note to America: I am a Absentee Voter. And I’ll tell you why.

We all know that Election Day came and went. And yes, I’m still stoked with the repeat win of President Barack Obama. But with all the reports in dealing with early voting, I have to say that early voting is not a bad idea in order to beat the lines on any given Election Day. I know I’m not hating on doing it the old school way by showing up to the polls in person, and casting a ballot. I’m not against that. If that helps those as an American Voter and feels comfortable, then all means do it. But what happens if you have something to do the next time if there is an election day coming up, and if you forget to cast your ballot? Or if you feel that standing in line all day and having to go to important things to take care of, is there a better way to cast your ballot while saving you time and effort? My suggestion: Do what I do, Vote Absentee. Period.

Why I’m proposing this? It’s an optional thing to do in case if you have to take care things on Election Day, like looking after Grandma or your best friend’s dog. Or whatever your issue is Voting absentee cuts times and effort in half without standing in line. Once again, I’m not against standing in line and waiting in line to get to the polls. And also, it will also help fight Voter Suppression. But oh yes, I know that some want to do the old school way and get to the polls in person. Nothing wrong with that. I started out doing it the in person voting and casted by ballot instantly. I get it. Everyone has a choice.

In order for those to get the ballots to your house, contact your City’s Election Organization or Commission, in order to request a form for absentee ballots. Plus you can go online and get a form too. As usual, fill out the form and you may have to attach a copy of your ID for¬†identification. Plus send the form back to the office either mail or fax and you will receive your Absentee Ballots for about a year during the election cycles.

Overall, I have to say as an Absentee Voter, is to me the same as a voter. Even though that the option is different but the result is the same of having your vote count. And plus, I’ve been heard about that your ballots may not be counted in all because its absentee. No matter what the haters say, it is your right to vote EITHER WAY!



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