Black History Month needs to respected without this belief of separation. I’m going in on two examples why!

Posted: February 15, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Commentary by all means, Decision Factors, My Special Commentary, News and politics
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I have a question. What do Justin Bieber and Lil’ Wayne have in common? Or my question should be, what do they have in common in terms of the recent stuff that concerns Black History Month? It’s time for me to go in like an missle and blow up the truth. These figures have been in media eye this month thus far in poking the nerve about the month that most should respect and unfortunately those who want to stop their bleeding: Black History Month. Let me tell you, I get it. Not everyone is a fan of the occasion  and still has Morgan Freeman recorded about him not wanting a Black History Month, but an American History Month. I have two words for that: SNOOZE FEST!

Getting back to the Bieber angle, what was his thing on Black History Month anyway when he made his spoofs on SNL? Uh-oh, Saturday Night Live. Why I am surprised?  During his skits he made some disrespecting points about the occasion in his monologues in which, have many upset. And this is a role model? Keep in mind that Justin is Canadian Born that had dates with Selena Gomez in all. No I do not listen nor I am a fan of Justin Bieber but whatever his recent actions have had folks boiling up. And no I don’t have a beef with Canadians. Not this American. I think maybe after the “buffoonery” on SNL, I think Justin should be attending Black related things that are historical in which the sacrifices and achievements have been made not just by African-Americans, but what about the African-Canadians? If I recall, Willie O’Ree was the first black Canadian to play hockey. Where was Justin on that? Go back to school, young whipper snapper! Well the good side of his appearance, the ratings well downward, and he apologized.

Speaking of that: Lil’ Wayne. By now, we all have learned about the Karate Chop lyric in which he used the name that most young Americans will be asking: Who was Emmett Till?  Time to start learning. SMH. I want the Lil’ Wayne Fans, or any young fan of Hip Hop who has this I don’t care, that likes to wait outside of hours to wait in line for a new pair of Air Jordans, or probably COMPLAIN about jobs, or the Government, or President Obama, or any other grown and mature thing that should matter to them: So you think, that Lil’ Wayne was on point about the lyric that used Emmitt  Till’s name? Is that what you think? Seriously?

Time to go back to freaking church!

I’ll bet Lil’ Wayne doesn’t even care nor knew about the seriousness of what Emmitt Till been through. If you are a 14 year old teenager right now, you’re lucky. Dead lucky. And yes when I was 14, I had my lucky day also. When Emmitt Till was a teenager in Mississippi during the 1950’s, he was murdered after whistling towards a White woman. Real Talk. Look it up!  If you do, look at the pictures of him being lying in his casket after mangled and murdered. (Warning, Graphic Footage) Now you’re probably saying “yeah, that was over 50 years ago, and alot has changed”. Yes, even though some  progress of improvements have been made, were still making improvements. And since this is still Black History Month, keep in mind that those that made the sacrifices and achievements that are no longer around from the Golden era,  this era better understand. Let me get my keywords out: Sacrifices and Achievements  Every single year and conversely every day, I lean on those who went before me for inspiration due to the black side of achievements. They inspire me to write this blog, speak, watch, learn and also conversely do what I feel in a freedom sense to get to a point where I want to go.  Am I using my ethnicity here, probably not. I am using my “African-American side” to embrace my ethnicity and also the American side to further my freedom of expression, with accountability and responsibility. I read that Lil’ Wayne has a bachelor’s degree. That won’t “save him”. I read about folks who have degrees up to PhD’s and still act a fool in front of folks. No matter what color they are. Oh yes, I know about Smiley and West and their rant on President Obama. But this is not about them. This is about this Lil’ Wayne!

Some say and ask, is this really necessary? I’ll say this. If you make a mockery of something that you don’t understand, you’re the problem. If you say something without reason, or without a sense of understanding, you’re the problem. This definitely includes Black History Month. Just as a reminder, Carter G. Woodson started this occassion for us black folks to tell about our stories and achievements  And this streak has been happening since 1926. What’s the solution besides getting over it? If you can’t go over the wall, or under the wall, you have go through it. Plain and simple. And if you are a “true fan” of both Bieber and Lil’ Wayne, hold them accountable! And that shouldn’t matter what generation you belong to. Don’t blame Black History Month for the racism or miseducation or this so-called separate stuff, blame the American side of attitudes that had the contribution to miseducation and misunderstanding. It’s a color thing in which achievements and reasons why it happens. I say this all the time. Black folks we come from Kings and Queens. Don’t forget, the first folks who built the pyramids as well as the White House and U.S. Capitol were black. The first nation builders were black. The first scientists and astronomers were black. We made alot of firsts in our culture and the question is: Where’s Lil’ Wayne on that?

In the words of Arsenio Hall: “Things that make you go hmmm…………”

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