Another speech in the books. This past 2013 State of the Union begins the new for the President for the Second Term as we know. I have to say that this was the speech in terms that needed after the Inauguration in terms of getting back to business. Fortunelaty, in my view the State of the Union is: Strong but must stabilize to improve.  My picks from the Speech by President Obama had me highlighting many areas ranging from Education, Jobs, Military, Healthcare and Immigration.

But the absolute highlights: Voting and Gun Violence. First I have to comment the voting thing. When President Obama acknowledged Desiline Victor, who is an 102 year old black woman that resides in Florida, had to wait about 7 hours just to cast her ballot in line. Really?! 7 Hours. 7 freaking hours. Keep in mind, she is an elderly woman of 102 years. We all heard about the voter dilemmas in Florida with Rick Scott at the helm, but seriously I want ask this question: would you allow your grandmother, or great-grandmother, or great-great Grandmother to stand in line for 7 hours, in their ages between 80 and 100 just to cast a ballot? When I heard that, it was shameful. Really shameful because no person no matter who you like on the ballot should not stand in line very long just to cast a ballot! Oh I know the folks on the opposition probably said but “at least she got to vote”. Don’t get me started on that. That same tone to me is like for those who lose most of everything on a job part, and those who say “at least you got a job” in a sarcastic commentary.

Technically, when I was doing the Election Inspector jobs in 2012, I never turned NO Voter away. None! Everyone has a right to vote. No matter which side you like. We know what they are. And in the midst of this, most in the chamber did stood up, but for those like John Boenher did not. Why? Oh I get it, he’s a Republican guy. Never mind. Speaking of that, those like Boehner, and others who didn’t stand up for health care nor the Violence against Women Act, something that Joe Biden presented back when I was still in High School. And also, the healthcare factor. Plus, I dare say: JOBS! Already, the Obama Crew displayed 6 Million Jobs thus far. When the President proposed the America Jobs Act last time, most of the Congress did not pass the entire bill, which was blocked. No need to go further who done it because those who blocked the bill are the same folks who might be facing their wrath of voters in 2014. Particularly some of that was passed, but not all. And for the record, almost everything that Obama proposed, it was blocked and why you ask? We should know by now. And yes it’s has something to do with working with him. I dare say, race is a factor.

Now I do want to shift from that to Gun Violence. Now if the readers are one of the “Gun Nuts” who love to wave around the Smith and Wesson while reading this, you might not want to watch the screen. President Obama did mentioned a small sample of cities and individuals who were effected by Gun Violence. First he mentioned someone who recently attended his second inauguration, Hadiya Pendelton. This teen was 15 years old that was gunned down in Chicago and plus, not too far from Obama’s Chicago Home!  Then he said Gabby Giffords, then Newtown, then Aurora, then Oak Creek, then Blacksburg, and commented other cities that were effected by Gun Violence. Some Americans were probably tripping (and maybe still are) about a recent photo of the President Firing a Rifle of him Skeet Shooting. This is not about him skeet shooting. This is not about him taking away citizens’ rights for guns. And what was Ted Nugent doing there anyway? Mr. “Cat Scratch Fever” should not have come. I’m sorry. The only reason he’s out in the elements (quoting my mother) is all because of his love for guns and those like him think that the president is coming after him all because of it. Plus he like many others are just paranoid. Many of the GOP should have called him out on his B.S. but did they? Nope.

Oh, what about Marco Rubio? Lesson #1 – NEVER DRINK YOUR WATER BEFORE YOU COME ON CAMERA AND GIVE YOUR RESPONSE TO THE STATE OF THE UNION! I mean seriously. Why?! I’m glad I missed that part besides his downward commentary of Obama’s speech. I mean talk about being unprepared. And about the other reactions like Scott Walker, who said today as usual that he would not accept the Medicare Expansion Package. He thinks that the state of Wisconsin “should get fewer aid for those who are uninsured and those who are fewer to depend on government”. As usual. And if you thought that his refusal of High Speed Rail was bad. Just interesting, I was hearing the Earl Ingram Show here in Milwaukee that Wisconsin would have gotten on board with the federal aid parts that would lead into jobs. By the way, The Earl Ingram Show is on Black Radio in Milwaukee. Look for it on 1290 WMCS via the internet. Or locally in the Milwaukee Area. That right there, in my view, is the boat (or one of the boats) that Scott Walker is missing with his decisions in Madison. SHAMEFUL! And the majority of the state has to suffer just like the rest. Just like when Alan Grayson of Florida once said about the Republicans wanting you to “Die Quickly.”  Just like I used to say in my blogs back when, I told you so!  Now if you are working at a McDonald’s or Target working at least $8.00 per hour chances are you might not be covered medically, but if having Obamacare/Universal Healthcare per say that might lighten the load. See that Wisconsin? We are missing the Boat with a Tail-end Attitude. Plus this reminds me of The Milwaukee Malaise that was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel back in January.

Obviously, hearing the State of the Union 2013 was the first step. And certainly, not the last.


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