I need to chance to vent out right now. Forgive me WordPress, I have to do this. This past week it was reported that a current MATC Student was taking a test via blackboard, and after looking at the results which was not the only results. But what was the THE result of this matter was the fact that the students username had included the words dumb N****r after her given name. The student, Erica Hughes was upset and sad that this tragic racial slur  has to hit the college, and in this 21st Century of being able to learn and work. And plus, the word about this slur stuff got on the internet via a Facebook Group Political Page, through the community activists about the problem at the school.

Personally, I need to say this as an MATC Alum who knows the game of online distance learning (and conversely a UW-Stout Distance Education Alum too) what in the living HELL is going on? Who in their right mind would trample on this student’s username stuff and had the nerve to add dumb n****r on the blackboard account? Hold up, I thought we are supposed to live in this “post racial” society, right? What a joke. Hey Ann Coulter fans, you want to see where the real racists are, look in your classrooms online and many other areas. As an alum, I find this to be embarrassing, disappointing, and also being very disrespectful towards students of African-Decent! And stuff likes this, keeps Milwaukee, or should I say “the Greater Milwaukee Area” pinpointed as being the most Segregated City in America. When I was doing Online classes back in the day, I never had that happened to me. EVER. If the school does not get their stuff together, I as an alum will probably NOT donate nor set foot in that school until this is resolved! I’m serious. I’m pulling a UW-Stout protest on this one. Either they fire the instructor, or IT person to get this resolved. The last time that MATC had a problem similar to this, a guy that worked in the Distance Education department was fired because he was drunk back around early 2004.  I kid you not! I should add, it was a white guy. Plus, what is the MATC President saying in all of this? Haven’t heard nothing.  I know the school has been in existence for 100 years. But for stuff like this, is not an excuse. And already the news media is on the case.

MATC: I say this as an Alum, Get your stuff together! 


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