This week had a Black Aids/HIV Awareness Day. And many reasons why it needs to be talked about.

Posted: February 9, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Health and Wellness, My Special Commentary, News and politics
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With the contininng celebrations of Black History Month of my cultures achievements and endeavors, there is one still dilemma for the African-American Community to tackle like everyone else: AIDS. Now usually you don’t see me writing blogs about serious health issues like AIDS or Heart Disease or any other health issue that tackles African-Americans. Matter of fact, that might be thought. However, this week in Wisconsin, someone from the Right Wing had a problem with Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Does the name Charlie Sykes ring a bell? And after Congresswoman Gwen Moore recognized it on February 7th. Just because things like Black this or African-American that, does not mean it’s racist. With the issue like AIDS/HIV is still a hot topic to tackle, that doesn’t matter what race it is. Including the African-American Community.

For the facts on why AIDS/HIV is a huge issue in the Black Community let examine the Wisconsin side of things:

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it was reported that 40% of young black gay men in Milwaukee have the disease.

Also 1/3 of  new cases of the disease shows up in young black men who have intercourse with men, and the HIV portion rate with black males and females is 8 to 9 times higher than white men and women.  All in Milwaukee. That like 400 new cases to tackle.

This is not a joke. No matter what race. But for the African-American Community, it’s another issue that needs to be addressed and talked about without any political drama.

There is a saying: No Glove, No Love!

It’s time that every person in African American Community from the upcoming Health Clinics to the Local Black Church (Yes I said the church!) needs to have these discussions promptly. Matter of fact promptly more! This is not enough to hide behind the keyboards. If most can stand outside to get an IPhone or a TV before the SuperBowl, why not this? Get to work!

And check out the clips from Milwaukee’s Public Access show, The 411 Live.

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