For many many days, well for a few days, SuperBowl 47 will always be the game in which the Blackout in New Orleans took over. And yes, it was this SuperBowl that the Baltimore Ravens went Lombardi over the San Francisco 49ers. Well let me just comment that and it’s for the 49ers folks: DANG! I guess the Baltimore Ravens showed the Niners just who they really are! Let me say that these weren’t the same San Francisco that beat Green Bay twice. Just my opinion. And despite of that, it was also a “BGLO/Divine 9 Greek good look” for the Fraternities of Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi. Both Fraternities well represented in this game. And I didn’t know that Ray Lewis became a member of Omega Psi Phi. Had no clue. The same with Milwaukee’s own Colin Kaepernick being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. Plus I did see a former Green Bay Packers player doing his thing in the game as well – Vonta Leach. That’s right Baltimore Fans, before Vonta Leach was a Raven, he was a Green Bay Packers Full-Back to start with. So I will say even thought that the Lombardi might be NFC bound next season, Good job Baltimore. And big ups again to Ray Lewis going out as a 2 – time Superbowl Champion. Like him or not, he is an American success story that yes despite of the concerns, joy comes in the morning. Go to church! He also said after he won the game: “If God is for you, who’s against you?”

However: Let’s talk about this so-called Beyonce-gate. The infamous blackout and that outfit that had some “concerned” parents of right wing media in a frenzy. First of all, lay of Beyonce. Please. She did not cause the power to go dark for 30 minutes in the Superdome! Seriously, it was really a power relay that caused some of the lights to go dark. Maybe it was a short fuse. I mean they do happen! How many times in your houses or apartments that fuses go dead? What is the solution? Change the fuses! Yes I do realize that the power issue is still the talk, but jeez. It’s not a big deal. Speaking of non-big deals: the outfit that Beyonce was wearing. Folks over on Fox news who had commented about this recently (thanks to Melissa Harris-Perry) that some parents were offended by the outfit she was wearing. Well to those “parents” why were you watching the Superbowl Halftime Show in the first place? If you didn’t  like what you saw, well you could have turned the channel for 30 minutes and then switch back to the game. Personally, here it is again in 2013 we Americans are dealing with the “Extremely Sensitive Syndrome”. It’s real simple with pictures, or that whatever that gets your goat. If there is something that you feel it’s not worth of your time looking at, flip the freaking dial!  Hello, it’s not that hard!  Just to simply of what Bill Maher said last year about living in a country in which I don’t  want to offend anyone. Ok, Beyonce herself is a wife and a mother. She gave life to Blue Ivy. I get it. But what I don’t get is the cowardly things that Right Wing folks on Huckabee have to comment about “how did you felt about the Superbowl Halftime Show and after looking at Beyonce?”

Maybe some of their kids like Beyonce. That right I said it! It’s black history month, I know. 

In the wake of this so-called “Beyonce-Gate” I’m surprised that the TV Big Whigs, or the FCC never went after Beyonce. Did anyone read this or was the story missed in the Monday Morning page news?  Hello, Americans! So yeah, Beyonce was not at fault. And it was live TV. Things don’t usually go right in-front of a live camera, but the job gets done. Ask the WWE. Mistake happens but hey, the show must go on. And for the outfit thing, If Beyonce was freedom enough to wear it, she’s responsible to display it. Plain and simple. Just like all of those Gun owners who parade around with the second amendment and the right to bear arms, with this so-called fear of Obama taking away your guns. Note to the gun owners, would you take away Obama shot gun, after it was displayed with him going Skeet Shooting? (Skeet-Shooting is in the house) Personally, I’m not here to tell everyone to give away their guns. I said it times before that I’m pro-accountability, and pro-responsibility. Like the President said, “with freedom comes responsibility”. Even if you use a firearm. I don’t see the President touting with his rifle, and he’s being responsible.


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