Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Donald Driver goes for the Touchdown against the defense of the San Francisco 49ers in the Old School Acme Packers Uniforms in 2010.

February 6th was the date in which Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers announced his retirement. No question he is going out one of the best Wide Receivers in the historical franchise. He came into the league out of Alcorn State in 1999 during the time when Brett Favre was playing up until this year 2013 with Aaron Rodgers. Yes he is a SuperBowl Champion, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and I have to say that he is what he says he is, a class act.

Recently at Lambeau Field, was his retirement announcement  plus this was also the first time in Packers history in which a player announces a retirement in public. With this being Black History Month,  you can also say that Donald Driver was the first African-American in Green Bay Packers History to have his retirement announcement public, per say. Unlike those who came before him and retired, he himself would not comeback in a different uniform. For once I agree. He’s already proven himself already.

DD, or Number 80, is now a legend. And he has 14 years to prove the reasons why. Even winning Dance with the Stars.


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