I need to share this. And this is for the Milwaukee crowd.

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Commentary by all means, My Special Commentary

Taking a short break of Black History Month. (Just a short break)

If anyone in Milwaukee had the chance to read the Journal Sentinel last week Sunday, it was featured in the article in the Crossroads Section about the title: “The Milwaukee Malaise” – Too many of us like Milwaukee the way it is. I tell you this had my article reading skills at 100% in terms of asking the question, what is wrong with the city? I know that Milwaukee is “highly liberal” per se’ in terms of political, but for those of us who really love the city: Sit down, close your mouth, turn off the music and video games, and you might want to take a break from texting and social media stuff. Ask yourself, and this is ONLY for the Milwaukee folks, what is your plan for the city’s improvement? Richard Thieme had to put the thought provoking stuff in to play on this one. Many years ago on the old MyFoxMilwaukee Blogs, I popped a question that got the white folks in other areas of greater Milwaukee asking, Is there a place in Milwaukee for blacks? It’s a simple question. When I wrote that, I barely got the hot seat. On the other hand I wanted to provoke the question. I remember taking the class of philosophy in college in which the subject thought provoking was coming into play. It was about asking the question in which to go deep into the subject. Not to just stay outside of the bubble. I want to bust that bubble so bad to let the juices out. And my reason for it, is to explain and open a new thought to dialogue that has missed the mark in this city for decades. At the time, some I was going soft about me being so religious. Guess what, some found out that I had to bust out what I really want to say. Like any other religious person, I can rebuke the actions also. So to those who rebuked me, they need to rebuke themselves. Not to call out anyone by name, but I’m calling out the actions in which it needed to be said.

Personally when I read the article, I had to think about out all the questions. Why is Milwaukee the way it is? Answer: I think our thinking has got us in trouble. Our thinking maybe our politics. Our segregated traits of being the number one city that is Segregated. Our way of this getting jobs with experience and those without goes out the pasture being deadlocked is a concern. And don’t get me started on taxes! I mean, what I’m trying to say is, what is our problem? In speaking of jobs, Wisconsin missed the boat of opportunity with the High Speed Rail Project in connecting to Madison. For the record, Madison folks – you need Milwaukee. And Milwaukee, vice-versa. Just saying. Even if it comes to Hip Hop music.

Of all the things in the article. Maybe the folks in Milwaukee who said no to alot of things are the ones to blame. They are the ones who want to make the city harder for guys like me to continue to work and play in. Personally Richard’s article in the Journal Sentinel was real talk. And after reading, I believe its time to rise the city back -In a new fashion. Enough with the tail-end brain drain mentality. Rise up! If you can’t represent and support your city to climb up, then what does that make the average citizen?


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