OK, I have a statement to the Job Seeking Observers: This is what I’m looking for in a line of work.

Posted: January 28, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Commentary by all means, Decision Factors, My Special Commentary, News and politics, Organizations
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I have a message to those needing new employers to your organizations and companies. You have asked the question about what are you looking for in terms of employment. I’m going to cut to the chase and straight up tell it here. If you like to read the blogs about certain types that could be suitable for employment, well read this blog and this blog only.

I currently live in the Greater Milwaukee Area in which that the unemployment rate is high among African-Americans. Yes, there are African-Americans here in Milwaukee. Don’t be shocked. However I’ve heard for far too long at the job fairs, the career fairs at Universities, the community fairs and I dare say Networks. I know I hear the question: What are you looking for in a job? Mainly, I’m looking for Careers. Or in the case, a switch in a careers. Currently I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management, have some years in an Office Environment  once in a print bindery shop, volunteered for the Obama For America Campaign as a Data Entry/Canvasser, use my spare time to work as a Poll Worker for the City of Milwaukee. All in Wisconsin. All in the Midwest.

I’m going in on this in terms of what I’m looking for in a job. Keep in mind that this is not a rant. It’s more of a statement. And plus I think those who are looking for work, start a up a job needing blog about your experiences, and yes, write it out so folks you know should share it up with those who are employed. Just a thought. So I’m going to make a list and express my thought of what I’m looking for in a “career”. Not just a “Job”. They say that Job is an acronym for “Just over Broke”. I’ve heard that back in 2004.

Things I need in a career/job fashion. And to those who are in the employment thing in the Greater Milwaukee Area, this is for you. Pay attention:

  • Full-time
  • At least 40 hours in a week
  • No weekends or Holidays
  • Full Benefits
  • Education requirements must be more than a High School Diploma. – Remember, I have a Bachelors Degree. And subsequently, an Associates in Printing and Publishing.
  • On the job training.
  • Some of the skills I use besides office techniques also involve Social Media, Data Entry, Photography, and Distance Learning.
  • I have no criminal record, never been in jail. Nor have a bad driving record.
  • Not willing relocate but willing to take as something to think about in reference.
  • And the last thing on the list: JOB SECURITY.

The job security portion is most important to me because I don’t want a short term job. I don’t want a job that enables me to work 4 days and gets laid off. Long term is fine, but I’m looking for that lead me to a period that is permanent. Again, I hope the Milwaukee folks are paying attention. I know that the State of Wisconsin is a “work at will state”. Yes, that means in laymens terms that the job could be gone without warning from your superiors or observers. I get it. But to ask that question: which jobs or companies in Milwaukee that most know very well, that are long term, no layoffs, have job security, and some of the stuff I described above? Name one. Or Name 10. Personally, I am not interested in selling things like insurance. I don’t have an issue with insurance selling, but that is not my interest. I’m being honest to the point.

I hope that I caught the attention to the Observers of any company or Organization that is constantly asking what those are looking for in a job. Now I have to say that word on the street that the Milwaukee Streetcar Project will being next year in 2014. My question is, when does the hiring start? It’s too bad that Talgo would have been a choice for the long term, but we know what happened: The Governor Scott Walker killed the project. No, he and his “fans” killed it all because of a so-called boondoggle. Remember that, Wisconsin?  And about the experience factor, this is probably the dumbest question I’m going to ask on WordPress, but if a job requires a length amount of experience, where in Wisconsin would I or anyone else would get the experience? Don’t just say the schools. I know. And I know about internships and workshops,  but I’ve been a University Graduate for about 7 years.  But seriously, what is the motive to get one?  And I’m not getting a worry wart for the search of my endeavors.

As they say in England: lend me your ears!

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