First Take: Ro-Jo. For those of who don’t know what that this is, it’s a term that the folks in Wisconsin use to nick-name Senator Ron Johnson. Personally, this guy should not be in office at all. In the recent senate meetings, he and other republicans like him was supposedly grilling Hillary Clinton in her remarks and comments of the Benghazi attacks in 2012. Yes, the same attacks that the Republican right were moaning and groaning in which it was hard for Hillary and President Obama had to endure that the families were going through. Partially, I think this talk will not last as long it supposed to be. Personally, Ron Johnson had it coming in terms of not showing up to the Intel briefings of what Hillary Clinton and today, Sen. John Kerry did briefed. As far as Rand Paul, please! He confessed that the he didn’t have any further proof to back up his story. For McCain: dude couldn’t get past 2008. Nothing against him as a veteran, but as far as the briefings of not being there, dude is a coward! If those who don’t have any proof of being there, as I heard in middle school, shut the traps. Call it a Epic Fail, or John Kerry/Hillary Clinton took the defense on Rand Paul, John McCain and “Ro-Jo” if you will, and simply presented it. Why I’m bringing that up, because most of last year, in the part of McCain, he was going after UN Ambassador Susan Rice on what she supposedly didn’t do per say with the information given. But here’s the thing, he along with Lindsey Graham went after her personally. Probably because she’s intelligent, had a lot good educational credentials. And being black partially. I went there. And Susan Rice’s decision to withdrawal her name from the lists of being the Secretary of State not only was “blessing for the right”,  now folks including Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP are dissing the President, all because his now 2nd term team is not diverse enough. Well, doesn’t the NAACP has some other issues to worry about? Like the soda ban? Come on, people! How is this helping the country with jobs, economy, healthcare, and many other issues that continues to plague the country? If the President of the United States makes the choice, well that’s that. Keep in mind.

Second take: I have a respect for those who fight in the U.S. Military Uniform. Men and Women. Matter of fact, for those who are currently in Uniform, and serving, I’m going to be careful and say thank you for your continued service. The reason why I put the words, “I’m being careful”, because of a comment that Michael Moore once said that he doesn’t support the troops and neither should those who constantly say it, but don’t mean it. I will be the first to say that even though I have used that term, but yet I’m careful. Now I get to say it with confidence because I got family right now serving in the United States Army. Both in Korea and Afghanistan.

Now on to the women. It’s official. Women can fight. In uniform. For a while the Women in Uniform couldn’t serve but also couldn’t do the combat role. Now the rules that blocked that notion have been lifted in the (here it is ) “The Age of Obama.” Now I know that the Right Wing media went H.A.M. on this all because of jealousy and hate. We seen the Tucker Carlson folks and others who don’t have not shown the respect. Oh yeah, that’s like saying that they couldn’t play football because they are girls. Well, I’ve seen them play. Do I as a male have a problem with this? I’m going to quote Chris Rock in his response with the Gays in the Military thing – “If they want to fight, let them fight. Cause I ain’t fighting!” And I have heard about the stories of them being raped and abused and being sent home. But I want the female military combat crew of our U.S. Armed Forces know this. You don’t know me, but I’ll say it here: Don’t let all those stories and hate, stand in your way to serve this country! If I was a company commander, and this was handed down, if the unit could use more soldiers or airmen or sailors in combat related scenarios, I wouldn’t discriminate with the females. They would be welcomed in just like everyone else. Plain and simple. Age, Race, Creed, Class, Gender, Religion does not take a valor holiday. Even the President knows that. And those who should be “American enough” better understand!


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