Now that the Inauguration is over for the Obama Administration, it’s time to get back to work. But before that, I want to go in on my commentary of the use of Family Bibles.

It seems that the use of Family Bibles have been this “clash of incompetence” when it comes to say who can’t do what. Recently today, Dr. Cornell West blasted the President for his Inauguration Day Ceremony in the use of the Bible that the late Dr. King once used during his tenure. Wait a minute. Seriously. A bible? Really?! This is the same Cornell West who was critical of the President in which he claimed that there was not help for the poor. Look. I respect Dr. West, but in regarding the use the King Family Bible, it was reported that the King Family requested that the President used the bible for the Inauguration, via Al Sharpton. Technically, the President had permission to use it and that’s that. Plus he signed the book!

All of this foolishness of who can or can’t, is just that: foolishness. Now I’m not knocking Dr. West because he’s a Professor or a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. I’m knocking him because of the dialogue that has become. The same with Tavis Smiley. Yes, I know he’s a Kappa Alpha Psi member, and has his own show, even he needs to stop hating too.  The reason he dislikes the President all because he never got an invite to the White House. I know these are well educated African-American men, but there is a thing called “getting permission to grant access?” I hear this all the time: I know that other races might go in on blacks because of the success stories, but this is no surprise in which you see 2 guys like Smiley and West go in on the President. Hey, even Dr. King had to content with those who are black against him too. I recall reading the letters from the 60’s in which they are on The King Center Website, and it’s listed all letters and other written documents that the King Family collected well after his Assassination. Even the letter that was written back in 1960 when he declared himself non-partisan. Technically, this was all their show just to say “Oh, I hate the president because he didn’t help the poor and didn’t say the word POOR!” Well he mentioned the word poor in his inauguration address along with the word “GAY”. And for the record, their Fraternity affiliations I do respect the work that the D9 Greeks put on. But I don’t believe their traits should not reflect that. My two cents. Same as if they were Christian.

Is it embarrassing? Most likely. Its just like the cliché in which trying to get ratings. If Dr. West and Tavis Smiley wanted to meet with the President head on, learn the lesson in which to just grant permission! Why is it so hard for folks to do this now a days? Is it stupidity? Yes! Wait I take that back: It’s beyond that! If they want to grant permission to talk to Barack Obama, just do it in a professional manner! It’s very simple. No need to go on TheGrio, Bill Maher, or of all networks like FoxNews to get the beatdown ratings up. Pathetic. Yeah, they might say they “I respect the brother”. No question, but however in order to do that, patience must come from within. Something that Dr. West, Tavis, and I dare say the Black Community Protesting in a gym with the signs up saying “What about the Black Community?” needs to understand.  I want the President to talk about the Black Community Conditions at the table too. Really I want too. But UNLIKE those, I’ll do it in a professional manner!


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