What a day. This is a day that I think will be added to history, or in the words of Ed Schultz, this is one for the archives. Today, us Americans had a chance to view and witness the second inauguration of the Obama Administration. No question it’s every 4 years that this event does come, but also the second time that a Inauguration Day that falls on the third Monday in January. For you non-Americans, we also celebrate this day in honor of Martin Luther King Jr,  who was one of our best Civil Rights and Ministry Leaders of all time. Many of us gathered in DC, or at home, or in the workplace to hear and see the event that most of us encountered. Plus for those who have helped the President to retain his job, such campaigning for Obama For America, this day was also important as well. Of course there were haters who don’t want to be apart of it, but STILL it’s our day to not only to reflect, but also to keep pressing forward.

Now for those who are still wondering: Why this day? Should us Americans should be out feeding folks or remembering how MLK wanted peace and non-violence? I want to say this as an African-American male, even on MLK Day, and after the day is over, we still have alot of work to do. This goes beyond MLK Day, and also this goes on beyond the second Inauguration Day. No question, this day is and was the day of celebration. No I didn’t go to DC even though the tickets were in high demand, but with me being part of the Obama For America folks who helped, no question that Milwaukee or some in Milwaukee will have some sort of Obama For America related event for the campaign workers who put their time in for the 2012 election.  For those of us who like still lean on the messages of Dr. King, we better lean on the WORK of Dr. King. What I mean is, yes “I have a Dream” was an amazing speech 50 years ago. Still many have labeled it as the best. But what have we done in the spirit of that speech? Have some donated to the MLK memorial in DC? What about a MLK Scholarship event? Or anything that has MLK written all over it in terms of giving back? I’m just saying.

Not trying to hate or boast, but I have donated and contributed to MLK scholarship for college students and high school seniors. And furthermore, I used to be a recipient here in Milwaukee where I got the scholarship six times. Real Truth. I remember on Twitter, in which Roland Martin was debating against a person who questioned “what have you done to maintained King’s dream?” He went in on this person like white on rice. I also question to those who approved Voter ID stuff but here’s the kicker: MLK stood up against Voter Suppression! For those who hated unions: MLK stood up for Unions! Look it up conservative fans. And for those who want to know: MLK was not a republican! His father was the MLK that was the republican voter. King himself was non-partisan, but did supported John F. Kennedy during his election. And plus, was a opponent against the Vietnam War. Notwithstanding that notion, in this day, Dr. King still maintains an influence for folks everywhere. Even me. In order to get to the mountaintop, the climbing still continues. Or in this case, I’m in the struggle like everyone else. Today, we are in the struggle for jobs – in which African-Americans are more unemployed and discriminated for a job offer. I know all that too well. The Gay and Lesbian community are coming out, but there are those who still oppose them of their lifestyle. Education – for the side of black women they are more in college than the males. Morely the black males are in prison. The state of Wisconsin has more blacks in prison than in any other state in the union. This is where the quote “Wisconsin is the worst state for black people” came from. And the issue of guns: We know.

As I saw the inauguration, I see a more now determined President Barack Obama. Now usually, the Second Term for the presidents usually don’t go well. But I hope that the President (or the Obama Crew) will continue to establish new ideas, continue to upheld the goals of the previous 4 years, and also to confront and complete the needy concerns of the American public. Even converting his Obama For America Campaign into Organizing for Action. If you haven’t heard, the Organizing for Action group has been created to continue to the progress that was set out to start since 2007. Thank Michelle Obama for that. So in the words of DJ’s for Obama, Our work is not done. Dr. King’s work is not done. I didn’t say the speeches were done. I say the work is not done! On a positive note: this Inauguration Day had more references mostly of African-Americans ranging from the Statue of Freedom being placed by Philip Reid, who was a black slave during the Lincoln era until 1862. Lamar Alexander, a republican Senator of all means quoted Alex Haley, who we should know gave Roots a household name, by stating: “Find the Good, and praise it.” Plus, Myrlie Evers-Williams the widow of the late Medgar Evers, presided the Invocation and is the first woman of color to do so. The Inaugural poem in which Richard Blanco and the Benediction of Rev. Luis Leon pitched in which they were the firsts of the Hispanic Culture to come out and contribute to the event. Also the years of 1963, 1863 and also 1813 were also referenced this very day.

So America, in the words of Arsenio Hall: “Let’s get busy.”


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