If you heard the big news and I know you heard the big news: A new change in Gun Responsibility has been surfaced. The President, I think had to go there. Mainly, I’m glad the President went there. Obviously, what I am talking about is the new rules that was announced today. Frankly, this had to be done. For far too long, us Americans have been bound by the 2nd Amendment about the rights to bear arms. Technically I remember blogging about responsibility and accountability when using or operating the weapons. This is what I’m getting that. When I saw the President, the Vice President, and the representatives with CHILDREN, and the issue of weapons use at hand, there is no question that the President signed the document, into Executive Law: Which means that those who are Gun Owners,  the responsibility and accountability will indeed and must come up. Oh, and the folks on the right: well I hate to tell the conservative folks, this was a long time coming! Not because it’s not bashing the 2nd Amendment, it’s bashing something else of the use and getting away with murder. Now I asked the question after the Sandy Hook Shootings, and it concerns the Gun Owners: Do you condone this? It’s not a matter of answering right away, it’s a matter of your own thinking. Plain and simple.  Now I’m not here to judge every Gun Owner, yes there are some who use the weapon respectfully. But those who don’t , they are ones who will be facing the heat.

I haven’t told this story publically, but there was time that I was in a Walmart years back, and a then, younger person around 16-18 years old was asking me if I can buy a bee-bee gun for him. I told him no! Personally, if I would have done that and if that person used the gun in a manner that in a non-responsible manner, guess who would pay the responsibility? Me. Why, you ask? That would be a case of having my name out there and taking the suffering responsibility of a minor’s action. Also, I would not recommend that to anyone who might be thinking about it and plus I would not recommend those under 18 reading my blogs like interests, to ask a grown adult not to ask for a gun. Wait until you’re grown, kiddies! Not to call you out, but I think the keyword maturity must come into play for something like this.

Part of what the President laid out in the switch in regarding gun buying, is Universal Background Checks. YEP! Every person who from now on, who has a thought of going to get a gun of any kind, I don’t care if it’s a Desert Eagle or a Smith and Wesson, you will be checked! Now I know that the proud gun owners who opposes this, should they also oppose those of color or gender who go through background checks of those who have criminal records, bad credit and many other things that might hinder folks of color especially African-Americans of getting a job? What about getting a house, or food from a church pantry? Or maybe yet, finding a job at a unemployment office? The Old School folks once knew that if you can wave your hand in a certain way, you have a job. Now a days,  it’s not just waving your hand, but also your experience, and background checking of you having a run in with the law, or bad credit will also be asked. And speaking of that, in addition to the credit checks, that must go! Many of  the companies use this trying to separate those who has a good credit score and a bad credit score. So technically, if those who have a bad credit score, don’t usually get the job based on the selfishness of these s0-called companies! I’m not bashing all companies, but those who have this barrier against those who will never get the job they wanted after all the studying, and working the broke jobs. Plus also who have been denied because of being overqualified.


Speaking of things that are B.S.  – The NRA. Yet again. So the NRA puts out a video about President Obama being hypocritical about the the Gun Ownership thing, and the worst of the things: the video uses his own daughters!  Say what?!!!! Seriously, NRA?! They have to pull out a sample just to shield up on Sasha and Malia of their “so-called point”. The response of the White House came at a good time by labeling it “Repugnant” and “Cowardly”. Obviously, I don’t think that the NRA does not understand like most on the right. If those who are right and those who work or donate for NRA took the time to talk to those who have been affected by the gun violence, per say then they would have to take accountability of calling out themselves to just stop and think. Overall, they haven’t. Even the late President Ronald Reagan in 1994, called those in charge at the time in congress, to put an stop on assault weapons by supporting the passing of the Assault Weapons Ban. The same Ronald Reagan that most of the right wing liked so much. Look it up, he said it.

Some of you are probably wondering, what’s my beef on this issue? Let me tell you. In the summer of 2002, I had a cousin who was shot and killed by gun in Milwaukee. Those who shot him are currently serving time, but the thought of him being shot and killed at 21 years old was a bad factor. Plus he was African-American that had ambitions of being able to finish school at UW-Milwaukee, owning a Ice Cream Parlor and etc. The place now where the Ice Cream Parlor once stood is now an establishment for those affected by Domestic Violence. He never ran with a gang, never had a criminal record, and etc. I know that this wouldn’t change anything as the bad guys would say. But the thought of this, has to be changed for the better in our communities. Just like in Aurora, Colorado, Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Chicago, IL; Oak Creek/Milwaukee/Brookfield/Wauwatosa, WI; Portland, Oregon; Tucson, Arizona, and Newtown, Connecticut. And many other cities and states that have been affected by these cowardly acts of those who are deranged, mental and use a firearm to escape. And oh, we have this right to bear arms.

We Americans better have the rights to bear responsibility and accountability for all rights! Even the rights to save those who are young, gifted, religious, good working, educated, Black, White, Hispanic, females, males, unemployed, underemployed, employed, members of clubs/organizations, and many others. Mostly black males.

No excuses, America. Go to work.

Just a for a review: here is the list of the changes that have been signed. All 23 of them.


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